How to Make Your BBQ Covers Wind-Resistant

If you own a BBQ, you must also own covers that keep the grills safe and protected when they’re not being used. Using high-quality BBQ covers is a necessity for owners who want to keep their BBQ grills functional for long periods. Nowadays, high-quality, expensive BBQ grills can cost thousands of dollars. Covering them with protective covers preserves their value.

Grilling, backyard barbecuing, and outdoor dining have all exploded in popularity since the COVID19 pandemic began. BBQ fans are making the most of these dining experiences. They’re constantly taking on and off the covers on their grills. During this process, many BBQ owners have experienced a similar problem – their covers blowing off due to heavy winds. These wind-related problems can be easily dealt with.

Wind Damage to BBQs – How to Prevent It?

Covers keep BBQ grills from picking up rust, debris, dirt, and insect infestations. They make sure external elements don’t impact the quality of the BBQ grill. However, when these covers are blown off or damaged by heavy winds, they cannot perform their tasks. BBQ owners must learn how to keep their grill covers from blowing off all the time. After all, no one likes walking around a windy neighborhood looking for an old, dusty grill cover.

Plus, these grill covers aren’t cheap or easy to get. If your grill cover has blown away, your BBQ grill may have no protection for a short time. This short period is enough to cause tremendous havoc to the grills. Thankfully, there are different, easy ways of securing these grill covers. Use these methods to ensure your grill covers never get blown off again by the winds –

Place the Cover Under the Grill’s Lid

This is the simplest way of preventing wind damage to your grill covers. Secure your grill cover by tucking it under the grill’s lid. For this trick to perform well, you’ll need a cover that’s bigger than your grill. If the cover is smaller than the grill, there’s no extra fabric to place under the lead. Similarly, grill covers that are too big for the BBQ may get loose and take off during heavy winds. Make sure your grill cover is appropriately sized. Then, take these steps –

  • Place the BBQ cover on the grill.
  • Lift the grill lid from two or three sides.
  • Tuck in the edges of the cover inside these lifted regions.
  • Then, close the lid.
  • The tucked-in region of the cover will prevent it from blowing off during heavy winds.

Use Cords and Wires to Protect the BBQ Cover

If the first, simpler trick doesn’t work, try to use wires and bungee cords with this next technique. Just follow these steps –

  • Find a long wire or a cord. Make sure the cord/wire you use is long.
  • Stretch the cord around the covered grill; effectively wrap the wire around the cover on the grill.
  • Wrap tighter and create a knot so that the wire or cords don’t open easily.

This simple trick will make your grill covers wind-resistant.

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