How to perfectly plan your social media calendars

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The importance of managing your social media correctly can not be understated. Your social accounts allow you to express your brand in different ways and allows you to reach out to your followers in more of a more amicable manner. Having a content calendar to plan out your online content should be a vital part of the way you run your business. We will list out the reasons as to why this should be of utmost importance.

Firstly, what is a content calendar?

Similarly to a calendar, a social media content calendar provides you with a guideline of all the upcoming social media posts organised by date. A simple way to get started with a calendar is with a simple template on google sheets. The following elements should be included:

  • When and where the content will be posted
  • Copy and creative assets to be posted
  • The person who is responsible for posting the content
  • Any hashtags or links that need to be included in the post

The importance of a social media calendar

The organisational habit that planning a social media calendar gets you into can benefit you in how your run your brand in its entirety. Being able to plan your posts far enough in advance allows you enough time to adjust if needed. Having your posts planned out in front of you allows you to see how consistent your posts are and consistency with social media is key.

How to best utilise your social media calendar

Auditing your networks and content- When you are planning out your calendar it is best to have your kpi’s, goals and security details all organised. This helps inform the strategy of your content and also helps you see which content would be best suited for certain times of the year.

Pick and choose your social media channels– It is best to make sure your posts are relevant to each social media platform and that you utilise their differences to your advantage. This prevents your social media accounts from looking too formulaic and will give your brand more of a natural feel.

Foundations of your calendar- The reality is that each content calendar will look different from business to business. Regardless of how it may look, as long as it is functional for you is all that matters.

Feedback from your team– With that being said, it is best to see how your team react to this calendar and to make sure that it works for them as well as yourself. Having everyone on the same page literally and figuratively is key to make sure that the content calendar is working to its full potential.

Find tools that will help you– There are tools developed to make this part of your brands marketing even easier. BarkSocial is a great place to start as this helps automate your content and lets your team collaborate more efficiently.


A social media content calendar can help your brand in a number of ways and is a great way to get your social media marketing organised. It also helps you double check the content that you are putting out onto your social media is relevant and well planned out, ensuring that your brand does not suffer from poor social media posts unnecessarily.

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