How to Stay Sustainable As a Fashion Lover

How to stay sustainable as a fashion lover is an increasingly important question for consumers. While the term “sustainable” is gaining ground, there is a lack of standardization and regulation. The best advice is to ask questions and maintain a healthy dose of skepticism. Then, once you have gained a greater understanding of the concept, you can purchase clothing and accessories that match your personal values.

The natural materials

One of the best ways to stay sustainable as a true fashion lover is to buy clothes that are made from natural materials. When you buy clothes that are not made from natural fibers, they may contain a lot of harmful chemicals or lead. This is why it is important to purchase clothes that are produced from renewable resources, like organic cotton or recycled materials. Buying sustainable fashion products is also important for the environment. Purchasing sustainable clothing is a great way to protect the environment and the health of your body.

Synthetic fossil fuels

If you are buying new clothes, it is better to choose more sustainable items. Virgin synthetics are made from fossil fuels and take years to break down. While natural materials are a great choice, they are not always as effective as they seem. For example, organic cotton uses far less water and does not contain chemicals. You should also look for the certification of the clothing you purchase.

Use durable fabrics

You can contact a brand’s customer service department and ask them to consider using sustainable fabrics. You can contact them through social media or through the brand’s customer service phone line. For a more effective way to contact a brand, you can use a template created by Fashion Revolution. If you feel uncomfortable with writing to the brand directly, you can use the email address provided by the company.

Eco-friendly materials

You can also contact brands directly and request more eco-friendly materials and products. You can also use a social media account to contact the company. There are many options for getting in touch with a brand, and most will be glad to help. If you want to contact a brand directly, make sure you write to them. If you don’t feel comfortable with writing, use a template provided by Fashion Revolution.


As a true fashion lover, you know that you can be environmentally friendly by reducing your carbon footprint. However, you can also do more. For example, you can contact brands and ask them to make more eco-friendly products. You can even write to the companies directly, requesting that they make their products. You can also help by volunteering at a local thrift store.

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