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Acne is by far the most common skincare concern. It impacts people from all backgrounds and races. A wide generalization can also be made that most people suffer from acne at some point of time in their lives. Acne on its own would’ve been easier to deal with. It brings with it a host of other skincare concerns that become deeply rooted in the skin. Once the breakout is over, one is left to deal with the scarring, discolouration and hyperpigmentation. If you didn’t have a good skincare regime during the breakout, it can be difficult to deal with. There is laser acne scar treatment Toronto that can help you achieve the clear and smooth skin you’ve been hoping for. Here is how it can target the various acne concerns and scars on your body.

Why should you consider undergoing laser treatment for acne scar removal?

Advanced Fluorescence Technology or AFT is an innovation in the line of Intense Pulsed Light laser technology. This technology can help to drastically improve the appearance of the skin. There is minimal downtime associated with it. It can easily target the imperfections left behind by acne and another skin scarring. AFT laser technology works by heating the underneath layers of the skin, which helps to promote the stimulation of collagen production that enables the surface of even-toned skin.

Who is a good candidate for laser treatment?

For one to undergo the laser treatment, there should be no active acne. There are certain drugs that one shouldn’t be consuming when planning to undergo treatment. The surgeon will discuss them with you. If you’ve been consuming Accutane, it is recommended to wait 6 months after discontinuing it as it can interfere with the laser treatment. Taking the proper precautions can help you make the best out of the laser treatment.

What happens during the treatment?

Once the appointment has been set, you will be provided with a list of pre-treatment instructions that you need to follow for the best results. Before beginning the treatment, a topical pain killer will be given, and you will be given an option of a freezing agent. This helps to ensure that the patient is comfortable during the treatment. Most people find the laser procedure to be tolerable. If you want, you can resume the activities right after the treatment. It takes 3 to 5 days for the skin to rejuvenate and resurface after the treatment.

How long do the results last?

Pico laser Toronto can remove acne scars forever. They will not return. This holds true as long as there is no breakout. After you’ve achieved the smooth and flawless skin you were hoping for, it is crucial to prevent the breakout. To do that, ensure you have a great skincare regime. If confused about what the skincare regime should look like, the skin expert at the clinic will guide you. They will work with you to build a routine that is tailored to your skin and can help prevent breakouts.