How to use essence and serum, what to apply first?

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Many people probably have a lot of questions about Facial skin care between essence and serum How are these two different? what to do before after and should be used Which skin care is good? So it will be most suitable for you. Today, let’s delve into these doubts.

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Get to know “Essence” and “Serum” cream for sensitive skin.

Let’s start with skin care that is called skin care. “Facial Essence” is a skin care product. Used to nourish the skin after washing the face. Or clean the skin already, the function of “essence” is to help add moisture to your face. Helps skin smooth, clear face, reduce acne scars, skin is full of water with the texture of the essence that is light like water. Therefore, it is commonly used for facial skin care initially. to prepare your facial skin To help combine the next skincare to be able to penetrate into your skin better.

“Facial Serum” is a concentrated type of skin care that has a light texture. But full of precious properties because “serum” contains ingredients that help care for your face intensively and deeply into the skin. helps clear skin smooth skin tighten pores It is commonly used in skin care procedures after the essence has been applied. So that the  best hyaluronic acid serum can be absorbed into your skin effectively.

How is “essence” different from “serum”?

I have to say that the difference between “essence” and “serum” is something that is very difficult to distinguish. Therefore, it is not surprising that many people may feel confused that Should choose to use skin care products such as essence or serum, or should use both at the same time. But if anyone still can’t decide which skin care to use? Let’s look at the difference between essence and serum first. that there is a difference

different texture

Essences usually come in two types of products: lotion, milk and water. or as we call it essence But if it is a serum skin care Most are available in a single texture, namely serum, which tends to have a high product concentration. It may be clear or cloudy. It depends on the ingredients in each recipe.

window skin care

As everyone knows, Essence is a light-textured product. There are both body lotion and water form. can be absorbed into the skin quickly with a higher content of water than serum So it can go straight into the skin and prepare the skin to be fully nourished. The serum will have a high concentration. Therefore, it can nourish the skin deeply and quickly. Helping you to have clear, beautiful skin instantly.

different methods of use

Usually, it’s preferable to use essence before using a serum. So that the essence helps to blend the skin with the skin care more well. how to use essence Therefore, it should be used after washing your face again. It should always be used as a step after the essence. to give you the benefits of serum able to revitalize your skin deeply

“Essence” or “Serum”, which one is better?

Cream for sensitive skin Essence and Serum It is considered a skin care that is equally popular because both types are packed with nourishing benefits that help in intensive facial care. Make your face smooth and clear, reduce redness, dark spots, acne scars, dark spots look faded, reduce wrinkles, smooth skin. even skin tone The choice of essences and serums depends on each person’s skin problem. including the suitability of your skin type

Many people may have heard that the essence has already been used. You don’t even need to use a serum. which is not considered wrong in any way But if it’s good, it should be better to use together. because at present Essences and serums are available in many different designs. Just know how to choose the skin care that is right for you. For anyone with normal and combination skin. Different brands of essences and serums can be used. but for those with oily skin acne prone skin Recommended to use Essence for oily skin Or serum formula, light texture, easy to absorb will be better.

If you have oily skin, sensitive skin, and acne prone skin, you should choose water essence formula to treat acne scars. that can be absorbed into the skin quickly Provides deep hydration to the skin, helping to reduce dark spots, redness, acne scars, making the skin look smooth. or choose to use as Sensitive skin formula essence lotion that is a light lotion provide more moisture both on the outer skin and deep skin layers Helps the skin to be luscious reduce dark circles smooth skin visibly clear skin It is a good option for people with sensitive skin.

Whether you choose to use essence or serum to help restore your facial skin You can be sure that your facial skin is deeply nourished. Although the properties of the serum May have a slightly higher nourishment value than the essence But it’s not much different from skin care essence. But the main difference is in the texture of the product. The serum contains more oil or oil than water. Therefore, the serum has a thicker viscosity than the essence itself.