How Top Brands Use Mobile Apps to Increase Sales?

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You’ve come to the perfect spot if you need assistance with growing mobile app sales since you may have reached a revenue ceiling with your app and need help with advancing it beyond its present level of success.

By 2023, the market for mobile applications is expected to reach $935 billion, making them a significant source of income.

This information, along with others, shows the market’s potential for financial reward for app creators using efficient monetization strategies. Keep reading if you want to learn how to grow app revenue quickly and easily.

Why is it Important to Boost Mobile App Sales?

In today’s digital economy, a mobile app is a smart method of competitive differentiation and an efficient marketing tool, especially for businesses looking to thrive in the mobile-driven landscape. As a leading mobile app development company in NYC, it may quicken the advertising of brands, goods, and services, enhance client comprehension, and assist market research projects.

Additionally, if a mobile app is carefully employed, it may boost revenue. Using mobile applications, successful companies may promote their brand, enhance customer engagement and loyalty, and gain sales.

We’ve compiled a list of 10 tactics that may assist you in advancing your app and boosting its revenue.

10 Incredible Methods & Techniques to Boost Mobile App Sales

Push Notifications Can Be A Friend

Push notifications for mobile apps may annoy consumers when used improperly, but when used properly, they can bring in a lot of money for an app. Utilizing appropriate push messages strategically is essential for optimizing their good impacts on consumers while reducing their negative ones.

You must ensure that each push notification has useful information for the receiver. By including tales with customized messaging and CTAs, users might be persuaded to return to your app to continue working toward a goal, purchase, or complete some other activity.

Give Your Customers Multiple Payment Options

Your app must consider the interests of these customers since they are more at ease making purchases in today’s constantly changing digital world using a range of cryptocurrencies, online app payment systems, and conventional payment methods.

Accepting a variety of payment options can help you reach a larger audience and increase the number of app sales. Additionally, it would help if you protect your clients from online crooks. Additionally, it’s crucial to guarantee and demand precise processes and to establish security guidelines with a reliable payment provider when testing your app for security problems.

Give Your Loyal Customers Rewards

Regular, consistent involvement, such as via a loyalty program incorporated into your mobile app, may help you enhance client retention and customer loyalty and develop connections. Customers are more inclined to participate in a loyalty program if it takes little time or effort.

Rewarding your loyal client base, repeat customers, and those who spend more on each transaction is a fantastic additional tactic. Due to the increasing order frequency and average order value, you can readily anticipate a rise in sales and income.

Use a newsletter to Draw Customers and Keep Them Informed.

Users will be more inclined to return to your website if you regularly give them information on what’s new and what’s next.

A fantastic strategy to expand your email list is to include a subscription form within your app where users can submit their email addresses in return for content. Email marketing can keep these clients engaged in a variety of ways.

You may maintain your blog and send frequent emails and newsletters to users to keep your app and brand top-of-mind. Doing these steps improve your app’s downloads and income.

Comments Section

Because the finest applications are created with the user in mind, there is always space for growth in app success. You should speak with them directly to determine their wants and why it matters.

Due to the presence of a feedback button or section, users of your app will be able to see that you care about improving their lives. However, user interaction also strengthens your bond with them.


Release new versions of your program often when you find methods to improve it. By keeping an active update schedule, you can be sure that your app is constantly offering the newest features and patching any vulnerabilities that may have been found.

Exceptional Shopping Experience

Apps with appealing designs and useful functionality are more likely to be utilized, and they should contain features that appeal to their intended audience.

By concentrating on why a client did not convert, you may improve your app’s functionality and figure out what went wrong in your sales funnel.

They could have found an issue with the app or decided against it because of the high price. Marketing campaigns, communications, and sales may be more effectively targeted with a better understanding of the real customer experience.

The in-app user experience of your app should thus be enhanced, and more leads need to be turned into sales.

In-App Advertisements

Many app users would choose to put up with in-app adverts than pay for the app’s premium edition. Customers still prefer it even if a less expensive experience necessitates giving up a little comfort.

Even if you’d like people to pay to download and install your software, offering a free or freemium version may be beneficial owing to in-app advertising income.

Several ad types, such as smart banner advertisements, are accessible for mobile applications. Some examples are full-screen ads, push alerts, capture forms, and in-app narrative ads.

Create an Email List

Email marketing may help retain users while increasing your mobile app income, including ad revenue. If you communicate with users frequently through their email addresses, whether to share news of a new update or product or to say hello, they’ll be more inclined to return.

User-friendly (UX) Interface

Another successful method for increasing mobile app ad revenue and other types of income is to provide a satisfying user experience. If your app isn’t intuitive and useful, users will quit using it and may never return.

If you want to retain the attention of your present users and draw in new ones, make sure your app is user-friendly and useful for onboarding new users. Tales are an excellent technique for this since they assist in educating new users while immediately demonstrating how far they have come.

With an app search function, your app should make it easy for consumers to locate what they’re searching for and make purchases.

How Can You Always Be A Step Ahead of Your Competition?

Observe what they are doing. Many company owners still need help to take advantage of the rising popularity of e-commerce by creating a mobile app and a targeted mobile app marketing plan.

Additionally, research has shown that people prefer making purchases using apps. In contrast, if your competitors in the e-commerce industry also provide a mobile app, you may increase your sales by following their lead and going above and beyond.

The most recent advancements in e-commerce app development for mobile platforms are also available to you. Artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality, and one-click buying are a few examples.

Bonus Advice: App Revenue Calculation

Earnings projections are based on a cost-per-thousand-impression (CPM) pricing model, also known as cost per 1,000 impressions. There isn’t a set price for impressions; it varies by sector and target market. To estimate potential earnings, businesses can use an app cost calculator, taking into account factors such as the type of app and its intended audience.

For instance, a financial services app will likely have a greater CPM value than a product with a low price point and limited margins. It just takes multiplying impressions by the cost per thousand and dividing by 1,000 to get advertising income. Using an app cost calculator can be a valuable tool for businesses to forecast revenue and make informed decisions regarding their mobile app marketing strategies.

If your advertising unit has a $9 cost per thousand impressions (CPM) and 10,000 impressions are made, you will make $900.