Important Information About Mdf Board

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What is an MDF board?

MDF stands for medium- density fiberboard.  It is a wood substitute material used in interior decorations. It is a wood product made ofsoftwood or hardwood residues into wood fibers in a defibrator by mixing it with resin binder and wax to form panels through the application of pressure and high temperature.

They can be broken down in categories of the lightweight MDF, standard grade MDFand the high density MDF.

Medium-density fiberboards are the most versatile building material because of their inexpensive and fairly durable nature. The MDF is normally of medium densityfiberboard, which is a perfect choice for creating cabinets, shelves and more importantly for decorative purposes. It has been pressed in a way that it remains stable in all weather conditions.

How the MDF vary

All Mdf arenot the sameand will vary in texture, density,shapes, sizes, types, brands,thickness,grades and colors depending on the material it’s made of. Today mdf are made of various materials like scraps,  woods, bamboo, carbon fibers, recycled paper, andsteel,  polymers, forest thinning, glass, and sawmill off-cuts.

Compared to other types of woods, mdf does not contain knots or rings; it has a hard flat smooth surface.

Types of MDF Boards

Mdf come in varieties based on their specific features, moisture resistance, fire retardants and the ultra-light mdf board.

Regular MDF

Fire rated

Exterior grade mdf

Colored mdf

Moisture resistant board

Advantages of MDF Boards

It is consistent in strength and size

Comes in beautiful and variety shapes due to its smooth edges, I can be easily cut ad curved to different designs

It is easy topaints and seal unlike the natural wood that takes a long time to stain.

Takes In glue perfectly

It holds hinges and screws well due to its high density

It’s good for cabinetry- its flexibility had offeredinterior designers to choose preferably

It is hard to both flex and crack

Mdf board price in Kenya is very affordable and easy tosupply since they come in a cheaper price than natural wood

Disadvantages of MDF Boards

Engineered wood is easily damaged

Mdf is venerable to extreme heat- this is because it is made of wax/resin compounds

Mdf cannot support a lot of weight if you put too much weight on mdf boars that are not designed to sustain, it might sag

Functions of MDF boards

The mdf arecommonly used for shelves, kitchen cabinets, ceiling,doors,wall panelsfloor, window bracing panels, vehicle interior body work packages ad boxesfencing, partitioning, table tops, temporarily covers, pallets,

Suited for all domestic and residential functions

Commercial applications

Sizes of mdf

For any MDF board panel, one can choose their preferred size.

How to identify the best mdf

When one is going to buy mdf boards, he orshe has to ensure you observe the following qualities;

-soft and brittlefinish

– Uniformcolor attributes

-stable surface for subsequent decorations

-very strong and termite resistant

In conclusion, the mdf board has been perfectly been directed to suit the needs of a household, to ensure it gets the best finish that you will love and admire. Source

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