In the Year You Give Birth, You’ll Likely Encounter These Three Medical Areas

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Streamlining the Transition

Everything about parenthood involves transition. You go from being single to part of a relationship. Then you become pregnant, and over nine months, your body changes. Psychologically, you’re simultaneously transforming. By the time you give birth, not only is a new baby born in the world, but a new parent is created.

You’re transitioning to a new level of consciousness, which will be realized in full when your newborn has grown to the age where they themselves can have babies. You’re at the core of what life is all about. Accordingly, it’s smart to know people that can help you. Following we’ll explore three health areas you’re very likely to encounter before, during, and after pregnancy.


Not all gynecologists are the same. Ideally they would be, but we live in the real world, not the ideal world. Gynecologists will help you identify health risks in advance, monitor you along your pregnancy, and help you regain your previous self after the baby. You need to find those which you can rely on, though.

Follow this link for more information on what to look for in a gynecologist. Keep in mind, don’t trust in any single source like some “monolith” of absolutely correct medical opinion. People are people, they make mistakes, and you don’t want to find a gynecological professional using techniques that don’t sit right with you. Choose carefully.

Lactation Consultation

You need help when you need help; the question is: do you know when you’ll need help next? Unless you can see the future, you don’t. Before you give birth, you may feel as though you’ll have no difficulty in lactation. That’s not always the case. As natural as this key component of motherhood is, sometimes it’s a real challenge.

Thankfully, there are quite a few ways you can overcome difficulties in this area. If you’re having trouble making breastmilk, check out this link on what helps milk production; it leads to a series of lactation consultation pros who can advise you on diet and more. Before the baby comes, have resources like this you can lean on if things don’t go as expected.

Head Cold Specialists

As your child matures, you’ll be in situations that expose both of you to ailments like head colds. Ear, Nose, and Throat doctors, or ENTs, can help you recover quickly and treat conditions like earaches. Here’s a link to a well-known ENT specialist in Dallas.

Landing on Your Feet as a New Mom

For head colds, breastfeeding issues, and women’s health considerations, ENTs, lactation consultants, and gynecologists provide needed services most moms will require at some point.

Find healthcare practitioners in these areas that you trust in advance, so you don’t have to choose one in a moment of need who can’t quite measure up. These aren’t the only medical professionals you’ll want available as a new mom, but knowing who to trust is a good start.