Is Online Blackjack Cheating?

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You’ve heard a lot about cheating when playing w88 online blackjack, but is it possible  to really cheat? Here’s a look at some of the common strategies that don’t qualify as  cheating methods. Past posting is not cheating, and neither is using a strategy chart.  Even using software to read the dealer’s hole card isn’t cheating. So, how do you  increase your chances of hitting a blackjack?

Past posting is not cheating

In land-based casinos, cheating with past posting is commonplace. However, the use  of eye-in-the-sky cameras makes it harder to repeat the same actions. Past posting  can take the form of late bets, adding extra chips to the stack, or sneaking one’s way  onto the winning position. In an online format, past posting is less likely to be noticed.  It can even be illegal.

Many cheaters visualize a perfect blackjack hand and increase their wager  accordingly. For example, a cheater may add four green $25 chips to a $100 bet. This  will increase the bet without the dealer realizing it. But if a cheater is caught, he or  she will be caught. The dealer may detect this strategy and will immediately remove it.  Fortunately, this strategy can be prevented by avoiding certain situations in which past  posting might occur.

Card counting is not a cheating strategy

Card counting is an effective way to increase your chances of winning. This skill  involves tracking the number of high cards and low cards remaining in the deck to  make more accurate predictions about the next possible card. Casinos may pass off  card counting as a form of cheating, but it is actually a skill that can greatly improve  your chances of winning. In fact, it can even lead to a higher winning percentage in  blackjack than the standard house edge.

One disadvantage of card counting is that it can get boring. Just like working on power  lines or cleaning windows on sky scrapes, it can become dull and mundane. It can  become your real job. But the truth is, it is not cheating. The casino is simply trying to  make you uncomfortable and make you leave. Moreover, if you start losing, your  opponents will accuse you of cheating.

Using a strategy

Using a strategy chart to increase your chances of getting a blackjack is crucial to  winning the game of 21. Blackjack strategy charts show you all possible hand  combinations and the correct action to take for each one. They are based on the  correct basic strategy rules. If you follow them, you’ll make the right decisions for  every situation. The key to the actions is also shown on the chart.

The perfect strategy will vary based on the rules of the game. If you play with eight  decks, for example, the dealer stands on soft seventeen. However, there are rules that

govern when you should double after splitting. However, these variations are small. Using a strategy chart increases your chances of getting a blackjack. When using a strategy chart, it is crucial to follow it closely and play according to it.

Using software

Using special software to read the dealer’s hole card in an online blackjack game is  not considered cheating. It is just one way to gain an advantage over the dealer. While  it is possible to cheat in a physical casino, there is no evidence to support this claim.  The use of such software has been used by many online blackjack cheaters. Some  cheaters have even gotten caught by the casinos themselves, and they face felony charges.


Thus, the article provided by w88 สมัคร today has given you the answer for the question Is Online Blackjack Cheating. Although cheating in blackjack is illegal, it is also a common practice. Although most  casinos don’t punish cheating, these methods are still unfair to the players, and can  result in players losing more hands than they win. Using software to read the dealer’s  hole card is not cheating in online blackjack, but it is not advisable to do so. Many  online casinos use software that is licensed for this purpose.