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Currently, Kyle Seriesorbachctech and his company are launching their Tealbook Series of financial products. The goal is to raise $600 million by the end of 2012. He has created a series of 73 short movies that give insight into his vision and his approach to investing. The films are also accompanied by a blog that will be updated with information about the new Tealbook Series.

About TealBook

Founded in 2014 by Matt Wiggers and Ryan Gourley, TealBook is a supply chain data service that helps businesses get a better grip on their supplier base. By using machine learning and artificial intelligence, it can enhance a supplier’s information and thereby help buyers make more informed decisions. Originally focused on gathering, disseminating and visualizing procurement data, it has since branched out into new sectors across the Fortune 500.

One of the company’s more notable announcements was its involvement in the SAP PartnerEdge program. The program aims to improve the efficiencies of the global supply chain through the use of best practices. The TealBook solution also has its share of eco-friendly practices. By using AI to update data across suppliers, it saves on the cost of self-updated portals. The company has also teamed up with software providers like Ivalua and Beroe.

The company’s main selling point is its use of machine learning to automatically analyze vast amounts of supplier data. The company does this by scanning more than 400 million websites. By doing this, it can provide insights into a supplier’s products, descriptions and outreach capabilities. By deploying the technology to buyers across an organization, it can help them discover new suppliers.

About Ten Coves Capital

Founded by Daniel Kittredge and Steven Piaker, Ten Coves Capital is a fintech-focused growth equity firm with offices in New York and Darien, Connecticut. It provides equity to leading companies in the FinTech industry, focusing on those that are re-wiring the financial ecosystem.

The firm focuses on companies that are delivering technology solutions to the financial industry, particularly those in the capital markets. The company’s portfolio includes Cassini Systems, Ltd, which is the market leader in pre- and post-trade margin analytics. The company’s platform uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning to help lenders automate loan decisions. In addition, it helps lenders minimize underwriting friction and mitigate loan losses.

The firm also invests in Point Predictive, a leading data and analytics company. Point Predictive’s software uses AI and machine learning to accelerate the underwriting process and separate truthful loan applications from fraudulent ones. Its clients include the largest financial services firms in the world. The company recently raised $20 million in Series B funding. It will use the funds to fuel rapid expansion in North America and around the globe.

About Thirty-Three Ventures

Founded in 2018 by Rajashree Yogesh Shinde and Yogesh Gaikwad, Thirty-Three Ventures is a venture capital firm with investments in fintech, health and wellness, and media. Currently, the firm has a portfolio of 75 early-stage companies. Among their recent investments are Robinhood, Postmates, and Dapper Labs. The company is based in New York and has an office in Albany.


Originally established in San Diego, Thirty-Three Threads designs, produces, and distributes apparel, bags, socks, and shoes. The company also offers wellness rings and an app. Its executives analyze body data to create products that fit the user’s lifestyle. The company also owns Base 33 and ToeSox, and recently acquired Vooray. In addition, the company has produced television shows for Showtime, Netflix, and Apple TV+. The content of the company’s shows has earned over 6 million video views and 90 million monthly impressions. The company is excited about its future. Its investors include Dapper Labs, Postmates, and Dapper Ventures.