LCL International Container Shipping: Everything You Should Know

International container shipping is considered safe and comfortable when ordering and transporting heavy cargo. Shipping lines serve all major ports worldwide, so there is access to shipping containers overseas.

What Is LCL Shipment?

Less-than-Container-Load (LCL) is a type of sea transportation with small-sized cargo or the ability to consolidate it into one container with another customer or customers.

This service is becoming popular and more accessible due to the development of online stores and the development of the retail market. Do not wait for a large batch to load. The logistics company will help find the necessary place on the nearest ship and send it optimally and profitably.

For detailed information on types of transportation, go to or contact the specialists of the Meest company.

LCL International Cargo Shipping Cost

Extensive Meest experience in shipping containers by sea from the USA worldwide makes it possible to offer customers the best solutions. The cost of shipping an LCL container depends on many factors:

  • delivery route;
  • type of service;
  • cargo characteristics;
  • type and number of containers;
  • seasonality.

However, in addition to this, each type of cargo transportation has its peculiarities of pricing.

The main component of the cost of shipping is freight. Freight rates depend on the route, cargo weight, and container type. In addition to the shipment, the price includes various surcharges: currency, fuel, dangerous goods, security, and documentation at the unloading port.

Why Choose the LCL Option?

For owners of small businesses that sell different product categories, this is an opportunity to be more flexible. It is possible to make a route in which the necessary batch of goods will be obtained from different points;

The cost of delivery is lower than when the container is fully loaded. The transportation price is shared between all participants whose cargo is loaded into the container. Accordingly, the price is directly proportional to the part of the container the customer will occupy with his goods.

Meest offers international cargo services for affordable prices. Company specialists will provide detailed pricing information, the optimal route, and the required package of documents and ensure the fulfillment of your request on a turnkey basis.

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