Library Emptied in Bid to Fight Closure

To fight the closing of its Stony Stratford branch, the local community decided to clear shelves of the maximum 16,000 books. The Friends of Stony Stratford Library held a celebration and celebrated the empty shelves by handing out hand sanitizer, gloves, and wipes to library workers. They also calculated that people checked out books at the rate of 378 per hour. Now, the library is closing, and it’s left a void in the community.

Withdraw all books

In response to the threat of closure, residents of Stony Stratford have withdrawn all of their books. They’ve emptied the shelves in protest against the council’s decision to close the library. The Friends of Stony Stratford have praised the local community’s support for their efforts. In addition to the monetary donations, they’ve collected a small donation to apply for judicial review of the council’s decision.

The Stratford Library is closed

In a final appeal, the Friends of Stony Stratford have gathered more than 500 people to support the library’s closure. The library has been under threat of closure for several months. After the ruling, contractors boarded up six libraries, and the closure of the rest is imminent. The Library is a vital part of the community and is used by locals for spoken work, computers, and DVDs.

Surprised to see the response

In a bid to fight the closure of the Stony Stratford branch, community members emptied the shelves of the library by withdrawing the maximum number of books that could be taken out each hour. The Friends of Stony Stratford said they were blown away by the community’s response to the threat. They said that the plan to close the library had been a success. The libraries are currently open in a temporary format, and they have no plans to reopen.

Important part of the community

The campaigners of the library in Stony Stratford emptied their library by taking the maximum number of books available. Many people in Stony Stratford’s library has been a vital part of the community for decades. The library is a place where people can read, work on their laptops, and watch spoken works. Thousands of people from the local community have signed up for the Facebook page.


The library’s closure is being fought by the community. The community has supported the plan by removing the maximum number of books and boarded up the remaining three. The Friends of Stony Stratford say that they were amazed by the community’s outpouring of support. It is estimated that 378 books are checked out every hour. The Friends of Stony Stratfield say they have a successful campaign.

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