LIWYN Amsterdam

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Liwyn is one of the leading Artist Agencies in the Netherlands, boasting a proud history and impressive resume in the music industry spanning over two decades. Located in Amsterdam’s vibrant city centre and close to its Central Station and distinguished Amsterdam Tower, Liwyn has become renowned for its deep knowledge and understanding of the ever-evolving music scene. With years of experience, Liwyn can offer expertise that few other agencies possess; keeping up with new trends and developments while still being proactively involved in the traditional aspects of music. By bringing together creative minds from all corners of the world, they’re able to discover and nurture talent like no other – making them an invaluable source for discovering new musicians.

Leonieke Smit

Leonieke Smit is the founder of Liwyn. She has had a long and impressive career in the music industry. Starting at 1management, Smit made it her mission to propel the artists she worked with to international success. During this time, she was responsible for bookings around the world, including those of Erick E, Funkerman, Fedde le Grand, Bingo Players, Sidney Samson, and Gregor Salto – all household names in their respective dance music scenes.

Known for her drive and determination to grow these artists’ profiles within the industry, Leonieke spearheaded an impressive roster which saw many of them topping dance charts worldwide and gaining recognition from major labels. Her success didn’t go unnoticed either; with each artist she managed reaching new heights under her tutelage, Smit quickly became revered as one of the most important figures in the scene and established herself as an invaluable member of 1management’s team. Today she continues to use that same passion and skill to lead Liwyn into becoming one of Hollands most respected booking companies.

Liwyn is an Amsterdam-based artist agency that works exclusively with house and techno music artists, both established DJs and those new to the scene. Their team consists of Leonieke and Frans van Eekelen, a highly experienced booker, who aim to create long-term partnerships between their clients and promoters. They believe that loyalty, hard work and integrity are essential for success in this industry, and strive to deliver only the highest quality of service. In addition to strong relationships with artists, Liwyn also focuses on providing exceptional value at every step – from signing contracts all the way through to hosting events. They strongly believe in reinvesting into the house music community by helping upcoming artists build careers in this competitive field. As such, they want their clients not just to succeed professionally but also to develop personally as people so that they can make a positive impact on the world around them.

The DJ’s of Lywin

Liwyn is a renowned Dutch booking agency that has recently taken the music industry by storm. Their current roster features an impressive lineup of world-renowned DJs, both local and international, who specialize in house music. The list includes Dutch names such as Roog, Erick E, Sick Individuals, Bougenvilla, Vato Gonzales, Deepend, Mike Mago and Firebeatz. Additionally, they have several international top DJs on their books including Low Steppa and Jess Bays. Other talented house DJs included on the roster are Keizer Jelle, Thom Bold, D-Wayne, Thomas Newson, Kim Kaos and Divine. More recently Creeps, Guz and Rose were added to the Liwyn family and MC Bunty is one of Holland’s leading dance vocalists at the agency’s disposal. The collective of DJs cultivated by Liwyn speaks for itself in terms of quality and experience – so it comes as no surprise that this agancy is making waves across the electronic music scene!