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When I first read about the $25 million Series A round that was just raised by the two Insight Partners, I was intrigued. Not only is this a significant funding boost, but it also demonstrates the company’s strategy. The two companies are based in San Francisco and have been working on building a product that will help Fortune 500 companies get insight into their financials.

Deci raised $55.1 million in Series B financing

Deci is a company that has a deep learning platform. It helps developers build more accurate models.

Deci’s technology has been proven to improve the accuracy of natural language processing models by up to five times. It also offers an easy way to deploy these models. The platform uses Neural Architecture Search (NAS) to find the most optimal model architectures. This technique allows vendors to optimize hardware resources for AI models.

The company claims to have “numerous” customers in various industries. Those include Intel, Amazon Web Services, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise. The company’s artificial intelligence (AI) deep learning development platform helps companies of all sizes develop and deploy AI solutions.

The platform is powered by Deci’s patented AutoNAC technology. This algorithmic optimization engine is designed to maximize the hardware performance of a trained deep learning model. This allows it to run more efficiently, and saves data scientists a lot of time.

Deci’s platform enables AI developers to construct and deploy more effective models, which in turn helps to speed up the entire machine learning process. The company also claims to be able to improve deep learning performance by up to 10 times.

Prophecy raised $25 million in Series A financing

Prophecy is a data engineering platform that combines low-code/no-code development with agile software engineering best practices. It was launched by engineers from LinkedIn, SAP, Amazon, and Google.

The company uses a visual, step-by-step approach to build pipelines for data processing. The user can switch between code and the visual interface, and customise the interface with elements that suit their needs. The interface also allows users to execute Apache Spark code.

The company’s tooling enables businesses to migrate legacy ETL operations to the cloud. It combines visual development with an easy-to-use coding environment. It is built on top of Apache Spark, Kubernetes, and Spark.

The company has offices in Gurgaon, India, and San Francisco, California. It counts Fortune 500 companies as customers.

Using the Prophecy platform, developers can build pipelines to integrate and process massive amounts of incoming data. They can then perform machine learning and analytics on the resulting data. The company also offers auto-generated tests for data quality.

Prophecy’s customers include Fortune 500 companies

Prophecy helps businesses build, manage, and run their data pipelines, including analytics and machine learning. It combines visual development with agile software engineering best practices.

Its interface enables engineers to create and run Apache Spark code quickly. It also provides auto-generated tests for data quality. It has a visual drag and drop canvas that simplifies data pipelines. It can be used by seasoned data engineers and non-programmers. It enables tracking of changes and integration with all major data products.

A number of Fortune 500 firms trust Prophecy for its data pipeline capabilities. It prepares massive incoming data streams for analytics. It’s a trusted platform for enterprise customers who use it for business intelligence and advanced machine learning.

The company aims to provide a data engineering platform for all types of companies. It offers standardized components, support for virtual environments, and support for a wide range of data sources. The company’s team is a mix of software engineers from Google, SAP, and LinkedIn.

Prophecy’s strategy

The low-code data engineering platform Prophecy recently announced a $25 million Series A round led by Insight Partners. The company is targeting the enterprise market and is already used by a number of Fortune 500 companies. The new funding will be used to expand its go-market team and further improve the platform.

Prophecy’s platform allows data engineers to quickly create and run Apache Spark code. The software allows users to switch between a visual interface and a code editor. Its underlying transpiler helps to convert ETL workflows to Spark code. The platform is designed to allow enterprises to modernize their data pipelines to the cloud. Currently, a large number of Fortune 500 companies are using the software to convert their legacy ETL workflows to cloud-native processes. The company’s patent-pending transpiler helps to accelerate the process of modernizing legacy data pipelines.

The company’s platform includes a number of tools to manage data infrastructure. Users can also extend the interface with custom elements.