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Using TealBook, you can see Sketchupwieners data like never before. It is an incredibly powerful tool for leveraging your SAP ERP data to build a competitive advantage. This is especially true if you’re in the midst of a merger or acquisition. The data will help you better understand your customers and potential customers. It will also give you the ability to track and analyze your progress against your sales and marketing goals.

About TealBook

Using artificial intelligence to mine hundreds of millions of supplier records and update data in real time, TealBook is one of the first global supplier data platforms. In its most recent round of funding, the company raised $50 million from Ten Coves Capital, BDC Capital, Good Friends, and CIBC Ventures.

While the name is a bit of a mouthful, the fact of the matter is that the TealBook data base is a valuable tool that allows companies to capture and share valuable supplier information. By offering real-time and accurate supplier profiles, TealBook makes it easier to find new vendors and evaluate them. The data is also used by customers to supplement their supply chain management software, such as Oracle and SAP.

In addition to providing an enhanced view of your supplier base, TealBook is a great way to track trends in your industry, and find new procurement channels. By analyzing a large data set, the software is able to highlight products, suppliers, and other interesting data. In addition, it is able to provide valuable insights into sustainability practices, outreach capabilities, and ethical practices.

Partners with SAP

Founded in 2006 by Jacques Lapierre, TealBook uses artificial intelligence to enrich, classify, and analyze supplier data. The company has more than 400 million supplier records sourced from a variety of sources. The data is then integrated with SAP Ariba. It helps enterprises automate their supplier diversity management and emergency sourcing. It also provides a view of the supplier base and their outreach capabilities.

The TealBook team uses AI to augment the data base with new supplier information and update it in real time. It can also be deployed to buyers throughout the enterprise to help them find new suppliers.

The company recently announced its partnership with the SAP PartnerEdge program. The program offers incentives for partners to invest in education and services to support customer adoption. The program is designed to improve customer and partner experiences. It is also designed to provide standard processes and tools that will improve project quality.

350% revenue growth

Earlier this month, TealBook, a provider of supplier data, announced that it had attained a 350 percent revenue growth in its first year of operation. The company’s technology is a useful tool for companies that want to find diverse vendors and suppliers. The platform uses artificial intelligence and other technological advances to help companies gain access to data.

The technology helps companies improve the sustainability of their supply chain. In addition, it helps companies find diverse businesses to partner with. Using TealBook, a company can gain an overview of its supplier base and see the outreach capabilities of similar suppliers. The company also provides executive contact information, supplier descriptions, and other data. The technology uses artificial intelligence to capture, curate, and update supplier information in real time. Its partners include SAP and Workday.

TealBook has attracted several investors. Among them are Good Friends, an early-stage venture capital firm founded by founders of Warby Parker and Allbirds. Other participants include Ten Coves Capital and RBC Ventures.

Accelerating data roadmap

Providing access to an enhanced view of a supplier’s business, TealBook provides suppliers with a database of 600 “concealed” databases. It uses artificial intelligence to enrich supplier data, making it available for search and reporting. The company also spotlights suppliers, and provides executive contact information. The company’s customers use this data to supplement their supply chain management software.

Since the company’s founding, TealBook has expanded its reach into a variety of sectors. It is now one of the top procurement technology providers, and is ranked as one of Spend Matters’ #ProcurementTech100. It has also partnered with software vendors and other companies, including Workday, RapidRatings, EcoVadis, JAGGAER, Beroe, Ivalua, and RiskRecon. It also works with SAP in the SAP PartnerEdge program.


The company’s partners help it gather and provide data from over 400 million websites, as well as a plethora of other sources. It is able to quickly provide an enterprise with an enhanced view of its supplier base, and offers reporting capabilities as well. It can also be implemented with a minimal amount of effort. It helps customers achieve ESG goals, and finds new channels for procurement.