Marketing Strategies for Instagram in 2022 

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Here are some of the best strategies to enhance your Instagram business account. You can also get free Instagram likes with Turbomedia. 

1. Create visually captivating content 

Instagram is a medium for visuals, meaning your posts must appear great. There is no need for professional photography equipment. However, your photos and videos require sharpness, well-lit, well-composed, and sharp at the very least. 

If you’re using graphics that aren’t photographs like infographics or animations, ensure they’re sharp, clear, easy to understand, and visually appealing. 

More importantly than that, your visual content should be captivating. Beautiful photos are great; however, if they don’t convey a story or make viewers excited, they’re unlikely to be able to attract followers. 

Are you unsure of what you should post? Here are some ideas: 

  • In-between posts: Allow followers to see your workplace, storefront, or even manufacturing process. 
  • Text-based quotes and images: Play with text to create visually engaging content without images. 
  • UGC and Regrams: User-generated Content is genuine and captivating by its very nature.
  • Instructional posts: Helping followers achieve a goal is the best way to teach them.
  • Videos: The maximum length of an Instagram YouTube video post can be 60 seconds; however, you can make it further using IGTV
  • Reels: See Tips 17 for further details about the multi-cut video format. 

Beauty brand Glow Recipe uses IGTV videos for a variety of skincare routines that are suitable for all skin types. So that their followers know when new tutorials will be posted, they post previews of longer videos to their news feeds.

2. Set your company’s “look” on Instagram 

When you’ve decided on the type of content to post, it is essential to determine how it will look. In the post on developing your own Instagram aesthetic, the color of your content can affect buying decisions and brand recognition. 

Your Instagram style must be consistent across all your posts to help followers easily identify your content on their feeds. 

One way to create this level of consistency is to utilize Lightroom presets. There are five free Instagram presets that you can download to start. 

If you come across an Instagram creator on Instagram whose style you like is worth checking to see if the creator sells their own sets. This is what the creator of the mindful maison has a preset available. 

3. Make great captions. 

We’ve said that Instagram is visual media. However, that doesn’t mean you need to ignore your captions. The voice of your brand is as vital as your branding style. Similar to your visuals, it must be constant across posts. 

Instagram captions can span up to 2200 characters in length. You can use them for anything from a short line to more detailed storytelling. However, just the two first lines are displayed in your news feed. You can’t tap further

Because people are more likely to look up captions on their phones rather than read them thoroughly, you should try to incorporate all crucial information in the initial two lines. 

4. Make use of hashtags carefully 

Hashtags are one of the best ways to improve your visibility and visibility. 

You can include as many as thirty hashtags within the Instagram post. But, truthfully, you probably don’t need to use that many hashtags. 

We suggest making use of between 5 to nine hashtags for each post. Anything more than that could look like hashtag stuffing, which is a spam method that turns followers off. Even more, if you employ ineffective or repeated hashtags, users may choose not to view your content with that tag. 

To reap the maximum value, pick hashtags that 

  • Are they relevant? 
  • Are you specific to your area of expertise? 
  • Don’t promote follow- or like-swapping (think #followme or #like4like)