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Going to the spa has always been about mental escape, relaxation, and changing your thoughts and perceptions, so don’t be surprised to see a pair of virtual reality goggles next to your massage bed. While waiting for your service, you could be lying on a beach, in front of a roaring fire in a chalet in Switzerland, or being taken into a sensory-guided meditation. We see technology in all areas of the spa, which is ironic considering spa is all about digital detox, but in these spa trends and the general wellness movement, technology is not about being there and thinking about your phone, but is used to enhance the experience and make the services even better.

Technology, touch and mindfulness are combined. The service begins with a virtual reality program filled with relaxing images of nature designed to help you relax more deeply and get more out of the massage. Throughout the massage, a mindful audio track is played to help you relax and focus on your breath, while the therapist synchronizes the massage with the narration As the stigma and legislation around cannabis has faded, spa trends are increasingly offering massage treatments. Now, before you start thinking that massage relaxation is another kind of relaxation, while it won’t get you high, research shows what it can do is help with everything from chronic pain and anxiety to insomnia and skin issues. Whether or not you want to try it is up to you, but it sure is a hot item on spa menus.

We get it: your neck hurts from texting. Your back and shoulders are stiff from sitting at a desk. It’s been a while since you last stretched (not to mention the stress you feel trying to fit it all in). You’re doing the best you can, but you’re terribly sore and stressed and sometimes even a little cranky from the tension. That’s where we come in sensual massage in singapore, we apply the pressure you want, and exactly where you need it. We don’t want to convince you, but our secret sauce is our people. We are licensed massage therapists who use standardized techniques to give you the best massage of your life, backed by science. Our goal is to help you feel much better than you used to.

Massages whether fast or in chairs, are appropriate for any kind of event, because their logistics are simple. Many companies that organize events use event masseuses as an option. The assembly of the service is fast and does not require much space, so they are practical and ideal for when time is limited.  In fact, there are massages that last from 5 to 20 minutes, and that are carried out in portable massage chairs  which can be placed anywhere These massages focus on the neck, shoulders, back, arms and hands.

Sporting events are very common, and sports injuries are even more so. To prevent multiple competitors from getting hurt, whether it’s due to a sudden movement or poor warm-up, the best thing you can do is opt for masseuses for events These professionals are in charge of relaxing the athletes, who, thanks to the massages, will feel more comfortable enough to start practicing and playing. By the time you finish reading, you will know where to hire masseuses.

Hiring masseuses, athletes will feel immediate relief from muscle ailments. In the same way, masseuses can use relaxation massage. However, in these cases it will be necessary to remove the upper part of the clothing, and if a special room is needed for the purpose. On the other hand, there is the sports massage, which is appropriate for participants of sporting events indicated for the preparation, maintenance and recovery of muscle tissue after being subjected to strenuous exercises. For the techniques used in event massages, masseuses often use Shiatsu or Thai massage The first technique will have a therapeutic impact since it helps to relax both the body and the mind, while the second method is a more complete massage used to eliminate tensions and correct the body’s energy.

They generally include slow movements to have better friction. They are widely used in athletic centers and medical venues. They involve a deeper intensity than a therapeutic massage, to eliminate toxins, increase range of motion and eradicate muscle tension The massage services that we offer at Spa Wellness Mobile are the most complete you will get We are a relaxation and beauty center on wheels. Thanks to the mobile spa modality, we have the ability to move to any place that our clients request.

We offer a wide variety of treatments, and we highlight our relaxing massages, which relieve the tension present in your muscles. If you wish, you can opt for therapeutic or deconstructing massages, ideal for cases of greater tension and stress Likewise; we have body exfoliation, a process by which dead cells that accumulate on your skin are eliminated. This procedure is able to help cell regeneration and, at the same time, improve blood microcirculation.

To improve the use and quality of technologies, to reach more corners with our mobile spa. We recommend you to see the relocation in real time to verify the location in a short time. Contact us and find out about the locations already set and for future dates. Massages and their different modalities and applications will ensure that our body gets the relief it needs; in addition, if we choose to make such massages something common in our lives, it will also be possible to condition our body from relaxation.

Considering therapeutic massages as something necessary in our daily care routine will allow us to be reliable witnesses that if we take care of our health from a natural and relaxing point of view, there will be many conditions and discomforts that we will be able to avoid completely. We must be aware of the fact that our body will respond to our daily demands in the same way that we take care of it, so ensuring that it has some physical resistance will be more than timely and necessary.