Messi ballon d’or | 2013 ballon d’or winner | Messi the Best Player in This Moment?

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Is Lionel Messi the best player in the world? This debate continues despite the fact that Ronaldo has a longer international career than Messi. While Ronaldo’s dribbling and resilience are unmatched, Messi’s dominance of Argentine football should not be overlooked. This article examines the reasons why Messi is the best player in the world. Whether or not Messi is the best player in this moment depends on how you look at his performance.

Ronaldo’s international career puts him ahead of Messi

In this debate, there is no clear winner. Both players have incredible talent, but Ronaldo’s international career has put him in the lead for several reasons. He’s a better penalty taker than Messi, who is prone to crumbling under pressure. Furthermore, he has a greater skill for aerial balls in the box. Apart from his superior footballing skills, Ronaldo is a better marketer. This fact alone puts him ahead of Messi.

Messi’s dominance in Argentine football

The recent Copa America final has once again confirmed the superstar’s dominance of Argentine football. In this year’s competition, Messi scored two long-range goals, one curling free kick against Chile and another perfectly-timed lob over Bolivia goalkeeper Carlos Lampe. In his 148th appearance, Messi has become Argentina’s all-time leading scorer. In addition to his impressive individual numbers, Messi has also helped his team to win four Champions League titles and ten Spanish league titles. And while there are still many questions to answer, it is clear that the talisman continues to enjoy a great deal of success and is proving his dominance in Argentine football.

Messi’s dribbling is considered to be the best in the world

Messi’s dribbling is a signature style of his game that separates him from the average footballer. When dribbling the ball, Messi shields the ball with his body, putting it between two defenders or passes. This technique is known as’snaking’. This requires a quick clip of the ball and requires the player to move with quick footwork. Practicing dribbling is not easy, so the first step is to find the proper pace to dribble.

Messi’s resilience and toughness

Lionel Messi’s stoicism and toughness have made him one of the world’s most feared defenders. He has fought off injury, a serious knee injury and a concussion and remains unfazed by his toughness and resilience. This toughness and resilience has earned him seven Ballon d’Or awards, including the most recent in 2010 in Qatar. He was also named a world youth player of the year, a distinction he has repeated five times.

Ronaldo’s injury history

Injuries are not the best way to make a comeback. Even the most gifted players can suffer from injuries from time to time. Ronaldo, for example, suffered from a chronic knee injury in 2002, and he has changed position and style ever since. But his injury history has prevented him from achieving the success he wanted in the past. After resting for eight months, 80% of players recovered.