My Body is My Best Friend: How to Find Harmony With Yourself

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The human body is the flip side of the subconscious. It reminds you of what you are afraid to admit to yourself by feeling unwell, by illness and tension. It’s sensitive to all your fears, complexes and frustrations. How to get to know your body better and understand its “language?”

What It Means to Trust Your Body

Since childhood we are taught to trust other people, the world around us, our inner self. Following the same principles, you can learn to understand the language of your body. It’s your assistant with whom you spend 24 hours a day.

But most people prefer to distance themselves from their bodies and not pay attention to their signals. All attention is focused on the head, on thinking. As a consequence – overstretched neck, headaches, fatigue, problems with concentration, poor vision. Internal fears, doubts, resentments, psychological blocks are reported to you by the body with sudden colds, internal diseases, injuries. But a person stubbornly ignores these signals until the situation becomes critical (heart attack, stroke, cancer and other diseases).

Ask yourself: does your body let you down at the crucial moment? Are you enjoying it? Does it scare you with its needs? Do you feel imprisoned in your body?

If understanding is lacking, it’s time to get to know your body better. If you learn to listen to the advice of this wise ally, you will have a powerful tool for your development, you will be able to be honest with yourself, to live through rather than quench negative emotions.

5 Ways to Develop a Sense of Body Trust

To learn to hear your body’s signals, you need to be more attentive to it and not perceive it as something separate from yourself. Try a few simple exercises.

“Body, What Do You Like?”

If you feel uncomfortable doing something, try setting aside various activities once an hour for 5-7 minutes and asking your body what it likes, what it enjoys. Allocate 1-2 days to practice and observe how your body reacts to a particular activity.

If the activity is to your liking, the body becomes less sore and sluggish, less fatigued, and more energized. For some people, this helps them to understand their purpose and find a new job or hobby that replenishes their energy resource.


The practice not only helps you develop concentration but also helps you learn to hear your body’s signals. Lie down and try to relax. Make sure no one disturbs you. Turn off notifications, like a 22Bet app download link and messages from your friends. Concentrate on your head first, feel how the tension leaves every muscle. Feel where there is pain, tension, what emotions and problems they may be associated with. For example, a slouching posture, osteochondrosis in the thoracic region means that you are taking on too much responsibility. Painful sensations in the lower abdomen, gynecological diseases – problems with the disclosure of femininity.

Then go down lower, concentrating on each area of the body. You may feel pain, discomfort that you don’t notice during the day. This is a signal that you need to address your health and check these areas first. Meditate daily in the morning or evening. It’s helpful to do the exercise after a workout to remove clamps and blocks in the body.

Focusing on Feelings and Sensations

Focus not on thoughts that are constantly present in your head, but on bodily sensations. For example, if you feel a throbbing or surge of energy in an area, say to yourself, “That feels good!” Learn to thank your body for every experience it provides: the taste of food, fragrant tea, the kiss of a loved one, and others.

In a sense, this is similar to the practice of affirmations, where you mentally say positive affirmations. The only difference is that gratitude to yourself comes from within, from the depths of your soul. It’s a conscious emotion that comes from observing your body and the feelings associated with it.

Observation Diary

If there is a need to work on some aspect of your personality, you can start an observation diary and record in it the thoughts, feelings, negative and positive emotions associated with it.

For example, you realize that you lack femininity. Because of this you cannot find a life partner. During the day, write down everything related to this aspect. Did the man give up his seat in transport or open the door for you? How did your body react? Perhaps it clenched, there was tension. Try next time in the same situation to straighten your shoulders and sit down proudly on the proposed seat. Feel the pleasure, and be sure to record these feelings in your journal.

Understanding Dreams

Sleep is necessary for the body to recover. But sometimes through dreams you are given answers to important questions, clues. To learn how to read them, write down all the details of a dream after waking up and return to them during the day. Sometimes through them your body and subconscious mind (and they are closely connected!) warn you of danger, tell you what aspect of life to pay attention to.

Your body is wise. If you learn to hear its signals, you can understand what blocks and inner attitudes you need to work through to unlock your inner resource, get rid of illnesses, and move on to the next level of life.