Negotiation Training – Learn the Key to Resolving Conflicts and Navigating Deals

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Learn the keys to effectively and efficiently managing conflicts and making deals. Get a framework for shaping negotiations quickly and effectively – including scientifically validated surveys measures to help identify your negotiation style.

Explore the core skills of interest-based negotiation to reach win-win outcomes, and create a step-by-step plan for handling everyday workplace issues. With tools and worksheets for practice, you’ll soon become adept at breaking impasse and producing satisfaction on both sides of the bargaining table.

How to Negotiate

Your approach to negotiation can make or break its success. This course explores all aspects of effective negotiating from understanding your personal style to recognizing common issues and developing effective solutions to deal with them.

This course also shows you how to prepare for a negotiation by setting goals, expectations and bottom lines; learning backup plans’ value; identifying zones of agreement; understanding bargaining positions and shifting leverage effectively.

Discover how expert negotiators use the tools at their disposal, including frameworks and tactics used by experienced negotiators for managing power dynamics, deceptive tactics detection/counteract, emotional reactions from yourself and others management and methods for dealing with emotional reactions from yourself and others. These powerful frameworks have assisted business executives, lawyers, healthcare workers — as well as leaders of war-torn countries — in closing important deals or settling disputes more successfully than ever. You will practice using them during hands-on exercises with faculty instructor guidance/feedback providing helpful feedback from their instructor instructor on any improvements needed in performance or use of tools provided during hands-on exercises – you will also receive guidance/feedback from faculty instructors on your performance during hands-on exercises with helpful feedback provided from faculty instructors who will offer feedback.

Negotiation Techniques

If your company regularly interacts with suppliers or customers, training your team in negotiation techniques could be highly beneficial. The professional negotiation training helps team members learn to understand each counterpart’s needs while finding solutions that satisfy both parties involved.

This course introduces the essentials of negotiation through video lessons and exercises, covering topics such as planning a negotiation, selecting strategies, employing collaborative problem-solving skills to reach win-win results and more.

You will learn to use open-ended questions and active listening techniques to establish trust and add more value in bargaining negotiations. Videos may be speeded up or sped down according to your learning style – one learner likened it to watching Breaking Bad or House of Cards on television! With such flexibility built into this course, fitting it into your schedule should not be an issue and then applying your newfound skills in real world situations is simple and hassle free!

Negotiation Tactics

No matter the circumstance – whether drawing up contracts with clients, buying a house, settling disputes between employees in business settings or learning how to negotiate for personal transactions – everyone can gain from learning negotiation. This online training provides step-by-step guidance and examples designed to teach learners to approach negotiations more ethically while making mutually beneficial arrangements.

This course addresses tactical approaches to negotiating deals, including how to identify and narrow gaps between parties’ goals. Topics covered include ZOPA and BATNA negotiation concepts as well as strategies for overcoming any potential roadblocks that might prevent negotiations from moving forward successfully.

This course introduces psychological tools and traps negotiators should avoid, such as escalation and anchoring. This engaging course helps professionals at all levels improve their negotiating skills with colleagues, customers and suppliers for enhanced productivity that leads to positive outcomes for individuals as well as businesses. Training includes video lectures, interactive exercises and a final exam.

Negotiation Strategies

Establishing value during negotiations is central to the process and can help negotiators avoid walking away empty-handed. One effective method for creating value in negotiations is through planning ahead for discussions and understanding their best alternative to negotiated agreements (BATNAs).

Learn to identify underlying interests and positions that can be leveraged during negotiations, listen effectively, and understand how different styles of negotiation impact its outcome.

Practice how to handle your emotions during negotiations and learn how past participants have used what they learned in real-world scenarios. Furthermore, this course will discuss the people-side of negotiations as well as dealing with any difficult behaviour that can either stymie or divert negotiations in the wrong direction.

Training sessions are interactive, and trainees often participate in role plays to put new techniques immediately into action. Giving trainees the ability to track their progress over time is another excellent way to demonstrate that training has an effect.