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The tech world is changing rapidly. Companies are moving from being startups to scaling up, investors are starting to fund them, and new technologies are transforming the way we do business. It’s a time to take notice on TechCrunch.


In recent years, Shopify has made a series of acquisitions to broaden its reach. The company has injected capital into cross-media companies like Single and Crossing Minds, as well as CMS developer Sanity. In addition, the company is building social commerce products and partnering with cryptocurrencies.

For example, in May of this year, Shopify acquired shipping logistics startup Deliverr for $2.1 billion. The deal was intended to launch an end-to-end logistics platform for merchants. It was also the company’s largest purchase to date. However, it was announced last month that Shopify will lay off up to 1,000 employees in the wake of its users pulling back from online shopping.


According to data from TechCrunch, a new Insight Partners fund raised over $56 million at a record-breaking pace. It is the largest fundraise in the company’s history, and brings the total value of its assets under management to $90 billion. The fund also has 350 employees and 36 managing directors. Its other achievements include a new office in Israel and the opening of a new London office. Insight also landed a number of other major investments, including Twitter, Shopify, and Octopus Deploy. The firm’s most recent fund was closed with $20 billion in capital commitments. It also managed to assemble the largest number of managers of any fund in the country, with a whopping 32 IPOs to its credit.


Insight Partners, a 27-year-old software investment firm, recently raised the largest fundraise in its history, with $20 billion in commitments. The deal will help the company invest in startups in Latin America and Asia, as well as expand in North America and Europe. Insight has also been making investments in Shopify and Octopus Deploy, among others. The investment comes at a time when companies are seeking to develop more complex applications for customers.

RudderStack, which helps businesses improve their analytics and marketing, has raised a Series B round led by Insight Partners. RudderStack has tripled its team and revenue since 2020, and plans to continue expanding in the coming years. RudderStack’s architecture sits atop a modern data stack, with data warehouses at the core. Its customers include Allbirds and Wealthfront.

Funding trends

Insight Partners is closing a $9.5 billion fund that will fund a slew of startups. The firm says it will use its funds to invest in businesses that see a surge in activity. The amount of money invested will range from $10 million to $350 million. Insight is known for backing recurring-revenue businesses and consumer technology startups, and has offices in Israel, London, and New York. They’ve also made investments in Latin America and Asia.

They’ve backed a number of interesting products, including Shopify and Twitter. It was also one of the earliest investors in telehealth. Insight has been active in the venture capital space for over two decades, but now focuses on scale-ups and recurring-revenue businesses.

Investments made

Global software investor Insight Partners has led a $10 million Series A funding round for JUNO, an interactive community platform for learning, events, networking and matchmaking. According to the company, the software includes artificial intelligence (AI), video streaming, gamification, monetization and matchmaking. The funds will support the company’s mission to build communities of people across both the physical and digital worlds.

The investment is Insight’s largest fundraise to date. The firm has invested in more than 600 companies worldwide, including 55 that have gone public. The funds are managed by 36 managing directors, 350 employees and $20 billion in capital commitments. The firm has offices in Palo Alto, London and Tel Aviv. Insight is also a global investor in Internet startups and ScaleUp companies. It has opened an office in Israel and plans to invest in Latin America and Asia in the coming years.