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Regardless of whether you are in the Oaklandbased laptop or you are looking for a great price on a used one, the TealBook 50M Series capital 73M can help you save. This is because the TealBook aims to keep the price of its laptops as low as possible and still provide a high quality product. This is why the TealBook is one of the best options available.

About TealBook

Founded in 2014 by former corporate events manager Jennifer McLaughlin, TealBook is a data aggregation platform that makes it easy for businesses to collect and glean supplier information from the web. It offers a plethora of features including the ability to provide real-time supplier profiles, executive contact information, and reporting capabilities. In addition, the company boasts a massive addressable market. In fact, TealBook’s revenues increased by a mind-blowing 350 percent in just one year.

Although the company’s primary focus is on enhancing the accuracy of supplier data, it also provides valuable insights on ethical and sustainable practices. Among its many partners are SAP and Oracle, both of which offer TealBook users an enhanced experience when it comes to their supply chain management software.

With its large addressable market, a solid product offering, and a competitive pricing model, TealBook is well positioned to be a top player in the supplier data space. In fact, it has a knack for winning over the hearts of enterprises that may not have otherwise considered investing in such a product. In the process, the company has forged some noteworthy partnerships with organizations such as Workday, JAGGAER, and RiskRecon. It has also launched a strategic partnership with KellyOCG, a renowned global provider of procurement solutions.

About the company

Using artificial intelligence to mine over four hundred million websites, TealBook can extract and verify data from more than three dozen sources. The company has already partnered with SAP, Ivalua, Workday, GEP, EcoVadis and RapidRatings. In its most recent round, the Toronto-based company garnered the attention of Good Friends, BDC Capital, Ten Coves Capital, and RTB Global. These investors will be using their funding to speed up the company’s data roadmap and introduce new partners.

For a company with only 130 employees, it’s impressive that the eponymous TealBook has managed to grow revenue by a factor of ten in just over a year. The company has also landed on Spend Matters’ list of the top 50 Procurement providers to watch. With a large addressable market, TealBook could make its way into the enterprise supply chain. In a nutshell, TealBook uses AI to find, validate and update supplier information in real-time. The company has found that it can reduce its customers’ costs by as much as 30 percent.

Partners with SAP

Using a combination of AI and ML, the TealBook platform helps companies capture, enrich, and distribute supplier data. It offers a holistic view of the supplier base, enabling procurement teams to realize the value of their source-to-pay investment.

The TealBook data base has grown rapidly in 2019. In just one year, TealBook’s employees grew from 45 to 130. The company has also added new sectors to its addressable market, including pharma and energy. In addition, the company has developed formal partnerships with several companies, including SAP, Workday Ventures, JAGGAER, EcoVadis, and GEP.

With TealBook, enterprises can find new procurement channels, reduce revenue risks, and increase supply chain visibility. The platform uses an innovative approach to capture and enrich supplier information from unstructured sources, including websites, search engines, social networks, and public databases. The company’s AI-powered platform also features ethical and sustainable practices.

In January of this year, TealBook announced a partnership with the SAP PartnerEdge program. The partnership gives partners the ability to showcase their solutions to SAP customers. The program also provides partners with support and enablement tools, as well as access to a shared software demo environment. The demo environment is available as a free, global resource to qualified partners.

About Lapierre

During his career, Lapierre built a successful procurement services consulting firm. He met people from different backgrounds and learned about a wide variety of companies. During one meeting, a client asked him to write down the name of a company he wanted to work with. He couldn’t recall the name, and he had to flip through pages of business cards to find it. This experience inspired Lapierre to build TealBook, a dynamic data base that captures supplier information from unstructured sources. It then updates this information in real time. With TealBook, a company can automatically capture supplier information from the web, and can search for public supplier company information. It also uses artificial intelligence to extract information from supplier databases.


The company has received seventy-three million dollars in financing, including a $50 million series B round led by Ten Coves Capital and a $40 million series B round led by CIBC Innovation Banking. Its largest addressable market is the pharmaceutical industry, and it has partnerships with RapidRatings, EcoVadis, GEP, SAP, Beroe, JAGGAER, and RiskRecon. It is also part of the SAP PartnerEdge program.