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Some Things To Know About Alligator Footwear

Buying alligator footwear is a great way to add a unique flair to your wardrobe. But, there are some things to know about alligator foot wear before you make your purchase.

American Alligator

Whether you’re looking for a pair of alligator shoes or something else, there are a few things to know about American alligators before you go out and buy. These creatures are fast and agile swimmers, but they’re also dangerous. They have a strong jaw and enough teeth to kill their prey. They’ve eaten fish, birds, and even mollusks.

They are also very territorial. They’re usually found statewide in the U.S., but they’re also found in east Texas, Oklahoma, and south into Alabama and Georgia.

When a female alligator lays an egg, she picks a spot that is covered with vegetation. The eggs incubate for 65 days. When they’re hatched, the young alligators make a high-pitched noise. This is called the alligator’s “humph.”

Alligators are cold-blooded animals, but they don’t hibernate. They can live to 50 years in the wild. They’re one of the fastest animals on the planet, and they’re highly mobile. They can move faster than a canoe that’s padded by a human.

Nile Crocodile

Whether you’re looking for something exotic or just want to add a unique feature to your footwear, Nile Crocodile handcrafted alligator footwear can make a great addition to your wardrobe. These shoes are completely hand-made and offer a cushioned insole for all-day comfort.

There are a number of different types of crocodiles that are used to create crocodile leather. Saltwater crocodiles are the most popular, but there are also Siamese, freshwater, and Chinese alligators.

Nile crocodile hides are soft and pliable. They are useful for boots and dress shoes. They are not as supple as American alligator hides. They contain calcium, which makes sewing lines easier.

Crocodile leather can be tanned using chrome tanning. This method ensures that the color is uniform throughout the leather. If you’re making a color-fast leather, this is the best method.

Nile crocodile skin has a cleaner pattern than American alligator skin. Its scales are square toward the corners, and are more uniform in size. There are tiny follicles on each scale.

Cedar shoe trees

Choosing the right cedar shoe trees for handcrafted alligator footwear is a crucial step in caring for your investment. Cedar has many natural properties that are good for your shoes, including antimicrobial, water resistant, and decay-resistant.

While there are several varieties of tree to choose from, the most effective one is cedar. Its natural wicking properties can help keep your shoe in shape and keep it smelling fresh.

Western Red Cedar is a great choice for a shoe tree because it is resistant to decay and moisture absorption. It also has a rich smell.

Using a cedar shoe tree for your alligator shoes will preserve the leather. It will also prevent scratches and wrinkling. You may even find that it has the ability to deodorize your shoes.

Fake alligator shoes

Buying fake alligator shoes can be a risky choice. It’s important to know how to spot a fake before you purchase. You’ll want to get a pair of high-quality shoes that are made from genuine alligator skin.