Rhinoplasty surgeons with reviews and without reviews

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Q : A surgeon who has rhinoplasty and has surgery reviews and no reviews. (This one sees many patients asking. The writer wrote it for fun.)

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A : This is up to you. It could be the personal preference of the patient, or it could be the patient’s goodwill, who pity a writer who doesn’t have a review on a popular website. The writer would like to tell the writer’s patience like this: Thank you very much for your hard work and review. “Better not.” The writer is more worried about you. because there are many times that the patient brings your own face to review for the writer. And then in the future become a famous star, it will become a story.

   If you love it, you’re satisfied with what the writer has done. Being satisfied and proud with our beauty is enough. And if there are friends or close people who want to add, want to do some, then recommend them in a word of mouth better. I saw my friends come to have surgery with the writer and they are beautiful. So I want to do more than rhinoplasty. No matter how good we choose silicone, silicone will never become the same texture as us. whether past No matter how long it takes

   Therefore, we should know what we have to face first. Surgery and after surgery And when we have decided to add, we should understand how to add to be “beautiful” and how to add to be “unlucky”.

   beautiful nose ergonomic

   From just hearing credit card spot ads that I can’t help but listen to. The content of this ad is that a man came to consult the writer to make. Surgery for one’s face according to the principles of physiognomy “Writer, I asked for forehead, manchu, thick earlobes, nose pointing to the sky.” Then the writer replied, “If you follow this, it will come out not a human face!” (Knowledge described in university classes) that have been spoken to the younger students. The writer listens to the topic “Ideal of Beauty”. The writer will quote only the part of the nose and tell it in a question-and-answer form for easy understanding as follows:

Writer : Do you give advice on rhinoplasty? What kind do you want?

Patient: Take it high (then point your hand to your eyebrow)

Writer: The writer said it was too high. If so high It will become an avatar.

Patient: But if it’s lower than this It’s not high. The foreigner’s nose still stands out from the eyebrows.

Writer : But the skull characteristics of Asian and European people. It’s the kind of person Asians have wide foreheads, shallow eye sockets, Europeans narrow foreheads, deep eye sockets. Guaranteed to look like the movie Avatar (Avatar) for sure.

Patient: What does the forehead, nose and eye socket have to do with rhinoplasty? but dare not ask directly

The writer himself would like to explain further in his heart as follows.

   Nose augmentation is not just stuffing silicone into the face. But we must take into account other components on the face as well, because the face of a person is not the same depending on the gender and ethnicity of each person, so a good and beautiful nose will need surgery to match other parts as well.

   For example, a patient points a finger at his eyebrows and says start right here on the bridge of his nose. The writer told me it was too high. The most suitable position of the beginning of the nose bridge (Nasion) is the position of the upper eyelashes. When the patient’s eyes look at D, the reason for this position Because the interval between the eyebrows and the head of the eye in each person is straight, short – not the same length. Therefore, the point of movement must be determined as well.

Patient: The bridge of the nose doesn’t have to be very prominent. let’s be natural (Korean style)

Writer : All right. Writer, let me check your nose. (That the writer then put his hand to squeeze

On the ridge of the nose and said….) There’s a lot of meat, isn’t it prominent?

Patient : (Makes a confused face, thinks in my mind, Oh writer. Just now the writer said not to be famous. But come to hold the squeezed meat and said that he could take it. We tried to decide why we weren’t prominent. The writer came to speak to give hope again.)

The famous word of the patient with the fame of the writer It’s often a misunderstood word. move often The famous word of the patient Is the height of the beginning of the nose bridge (Nasion), but the writer’s height is the angle that the nose makes with the forehead (Nasofrontal Angle = NF) and the height of the middle of the nose (Dorsum), simply called the thickness of the silicon. The cone is the writer’s height. The average Nasofrontal Angle or NF in women is 134 degrees, and in men it is 130 degrees.

 As for the height of the middle of the nose (Dorsum), the surgery is measured from the lowest point of the nose. The old nose bridge and the lowest point of the new nose bridge The average is not more than 0.6 cm in women and no more than 1 cm in men. However, the outstanding appearance will depend on the thickness of the skin as well. (The writer puts his hand on the ridge of his nose.