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Shreyas Talpade is a Marathi and Bollywood actor who recently dubbed the Bollywood movie Pushpa in Hindi. The film continues to earn praise and has garnered a cult following amongst Hindi audiences. Here, he shares his experience on the dubbing set. In this article, you’ll learn how Shreyas rehearsed for Pushpa, the Hindi version of the movie.

Shreyas Talpade, a voice actress from Mumbai, recently appeared at the Mumbai airport and mouthed a line from the movie’s famous Iqbal. The paps were thrilled with her impromptu speech and the actor was soon photographed heading towards his car. The actor’s speech was well received by fans who were moved by his performance. While he may not be known for it, the actress reportedly earned a lot of money during the dubbing process.

After releasing the movie in multiple languages across the world, the Hindi version of Pushpa has been met with great acclaim. It is already one of the highest grossing movies of 2021. As of now, the Hindi version of the movie has earned Rs100 crore. However, four other films have made more money than the Hindi version of Pushpa. These include the Baahubali films, 2.0 and Saaho.

Pushpa has received acclaim for her work as a dubbing artist and voice actress. She was nominated for Best Newcomer at the 2016 Mirchi Music Awards. The film is also scheduled for a Christmas release in 2022. The Times of India published a review of Pushpa. The Times of India reviewed the film on the same day and predicted that the film will be one of the best films of the year.

Besides being an actor and dubbing artist, Pushpa has worked on numerous projects, including many tamil and Bollywood releases. His work has spawned many successful projects in both the national and international arenas. Sanket Mhatre has also lent his voice to Bollywood films, including Kaappaan and Jai Bhim. This versatile actor has worked with several Bollywood stars and a lot of big Hollywood films.

Pushpa’s lineage is questioned in the film. His uncle Mohan denies him of his lineage, and Pushpa is motivated to recover it. Pushpa’s brother Jakka Reddy, a member of the syndicate, smuggled it to Chennai. After six months, Pushpa manages to win over Srinu’s men. He then goes to Chennai to negotiate with the boss’s wife, Konda, and cuts him a deal worth Rs1.5 crore per ton with him.