Signs You Should See an Emergency Dentist

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When it comes to dental health, recognizing the signs that warrant immediate attention is crucial in preventing potentially serious complications. Dental emergencies can arise unexpectedly, causing discomfort, pain, and potential long-term damage if left untreated. This article delves into the key indicators that indicate a visit to a Thornton top dentist is necessary, ensuring that you’re well-equipped to identify and address urgent dental situations before they escalate.

Here are signs that mean you should see an emergency dentist right away:

Broken Tooth: If your tooth is chipped but doesn’t hurt, it’s usually not an emergency. But if your permanent tooth breaks or comes out and it hurts a lot, that’s urgent. Going to the dentist quickly can help with the pain and might save your tooth. If your whole tooth comes out, put it in a cup of milk until you see the dentist. This makes it more likely that the dentist can put it back.

Unexplained Toothaches: If you have sudden and strong toothaches that you can’t explain, it could mean a gum problem or infection. If the pain is small, you can try some things at home. But if it gets worse or doesn’t go away, you should call an emergency dentist. In a worst-case situation, you might have an infected tooth. 

Check your gums to see if there’s a bump near the painful tooth. Look out for fever, sensitive teeth, or swelling in your mouth or face. If you notice these signs, go to an emergency dental clinic right away.

Bleeding Gums: If your gums bleed a bit after you floss or if you have gum disease, that’s okay. But if they bleed a lot, don’t stop, and hurt or swell, you need to see your dentist. Bleeding that you can’t explain might mean you have a gum problem called periodontal disease.

Swollen Jaw: If your jaw gets bigger, there could be different reasons. It might be because of an infection, swollen lymph nodes, or even cancer in very rare cases. Also, it could show gum problems. Since you can’t know for sure what’s causing it, it’s smart to set up an urgent dental visit.

Bad Breath: If you taste metal in your mouth, it might mean your crown or filling is loose. It’s important to see an emergency dentist for this. If the filling is open, it can let in infection and cavities. If you wait too long, you might need a root canal to fix it.


If your teeth, gums, or mouth don’t feel normal, you should get emergency dental help. Solving problems early is important for your mouth’s health and your overall well-being.