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Whether you are an industry professional or a student, Slack Monday Etlyons Theverge Events can provide the opportunity for you to meet and network with influential members of the media and entertainment industry. During the week, attendees will have access to the latest news, trends, and technology in the entertainment and technology industries, as well as hear from renowned industry experts. You will also be able to attend several panels and seminars on topics such as the future of work, career development, and video games.

GamesBeat Summit

Among the many gaming conferences out there, the GamesBeat Summit is the one to attend if you are in the business of games. The three day event is held in Los Angeles, CA, and is a gathering of some of the industry’s most influential players.

The conference will cover a range of topics, from core game development to creative advertising and social media to VR and AR. It will also boast an enviable roster of speakers, including Alun Evans of Facebook and Michael Metzger of Drake Star Partners.

The GamesBeat Summit is set to take place in Los Angeles on April 23-24, 2019, but it will also be available online on April 27-28, and will be open to a global audience. Taking place at the renowned Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the conference will feature over 800 in-person attendees and a global speaker lineup.

The GamesBeat summit is a fun and engaging event, fostering networking and deal making. The event is an opportunity to meet and greet the industry’s most influential players. The conference is also an ideal opportunity to learn about the most innovative and promising new products and services in the games industry.

Future of Work Summit

Whether you are looking to explore the future of work, or just want to learn more about the latest workplace trends, I have compiled a list of the best events for you to attend this year. These include conferences, events, and workshops. This guide will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

The Future of Work Summit is a multi-industry event that aims to help attendees get key insights on the future of work. Attendees will receive access to on-demand presentations and have the opportunity to meet with other attendees. This is a great opportunity to build awareness and gain new customers.


Earlier this year, TerraZero Technologies, a provider of virtual reality-based business solutions announced a partnership with VentureBeat, a leading tech media company, to build the world’s first and most innovative Metaverse event center in the much talked about browser-based 3D world, Decentraland. The metaverse is akin to a hyper-realistic browser-based 3D world, whereby anyone can create and participate in a virtual environment.

There are a lot of companies out there trying to figure out what the metaverse is all about. A quick search of the Google search engine for “metaverse” yielded several results. There are many companies, organizations, and even countries working towards building and governing the metaverse, and they’ve been doing it in different ways.


VB is an online news site that provides the most comprehensive and incisive coverage of the video game industry. They publish breaking news and offer deep context to business leaders. They are looking for a leader to take the lead on content at their AI events. They will report directly to the CEO and help to shape overarching themes for their events. They will work with internal VB stakeholders to recruit speakers, review submissions and liaise with top-tier executives. The right candidate will have a background in technical event operations and three to five years of experience managing in-person B2B events. VB is seeking a leader who is passionate about their mission, vision and mission to succeed.


The Head of AI Events Content will work with the CEO and VB stakeholders to identify overarching themes for the future events and to secure speakers. The candidate will also be responsible for reviewing submissions and liaising with the internal VB stakeholders to create a strategy for the AI content.