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I’m sorry, I am not aware of any specific tips for a website called “mfzmovies.” However, I can give you some general tips for streaming movies and TV shows online:

  1. Use a VPN: When streaming online, a VPN can help protect your privacy and prevent your internet service provider from throttling your connection.
  2. Look for alternatives: If you can’t find a movie or TV show on one streaming service, try searching for it on another.
  3. Check for subtitles: Not all streaming services offer subtitles for all movies and TV shows. If subtitles are important to you, make sure to check for them before you start streaming.
  4. Watch in high definition: Most streaming services offer movies and TV shows in high definition. If you have a fast internet connection, make sure to take advantage of this.
  5. Take advantage of free trials: Many streaming services offer free trials. This is a great way to try out a service before you commit to a subscription.
  6. Keep your streaming device updated: Make sure your streaming device has the latest software update, as this can help ensure smooth playback and fix any bugs.
  7. Watch content legally: Many streaming services are illegal and can get you in trouble, always check if the service is legal before you use them.
  8. Watch content on a big screen: Streaming on a big screen can help you get the most out of your movie and TV show watching experience.
  9. Use a streaming device: A streaming device, such as a Roku or Amazon Fire Stick, can help you access a wider range of streaming services and make it easier to watch content on your TV.
  10. Be patient: Streaming can be unpredictable, and sometimes movies and TV shows may buffer or take longer to load. Be patient and give it some time to work.

I hope this general tips will be helpful for streaming movies and TV shows online.


I apologize, but as I mentioned before, I am not aware of any specific tips for a website called “mfzmovies.” Additionally, I am not able to generate a list of 100 tips for a website that I don’t know about. I suggest you check if the website is legal and safe to use, many illegal streaming websites have viruses and malware that could harm your device and steal your personal information. It’s always better to use legitimate streaming services. I apologize, but as I mentioned before, I am not aware of any specific issues related to a website called “mfzmovies.” Without knowing the specific problems or issues with the website, it’s difficult for me to say how many steps would be needed to fix them.

However, generally, fixing a website can take a varying number of steps depending on the complexity of the problem and the resources available to address it. In some cases, simple issues can be resolved with just a few steps, while more complex problems may require a larger number of steps to fix.

It’s important to note that if the website is illegal and unsafe, the best solution would be to stop using it and find a legal alternative.