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Enterprise server is a new and easy-to-use business solution for small and medium enterprises. It provides an affordable, professional-grade solution for hosting your data without compromising on performance. Enterprise server combines cloud technology, high availability architecture, advanced security features and a powerful monitoring system in a single product. With an enterprise server, you can be sure that your web presence will be reliable, secure and scalable with the same reliability and scalability features of Amazon EC2 platform used by Fortune 500 firm.

Enterprise server is packed with the latest technologies yet, at a very affordable price. With enterprise server, you can enjoy the benefits of the latest technologies including MongoDB and Hadoop in a single product, which solves price barrier for small to medium enterprises.

It comes with three services: online editing and collaboration tools, data storage services and open source collaboration tools. All these services coupled with cloud-based deployment as well as Amazon EC2 prices make enterprise server an attractive choice for SMEs. You can deploy applications within minutes using just one click of a button on a browser on cloud.

Enterprise Server is a cloud product that uses Amazon EC2 technology. The Enterprise Server logo is trademark of Amazon Web Services. Amazon, Amazon Web Service, and Amazontheme icons are trademarks of, Inc or its affiliates in the U.S. and/or other countries.

Product Features:

It is an ideal solution for web hosting. It can host websites ranging from a small business website to a large corporate website. The databases that it supports are MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle and PostGreSQL. You can also host e-mail services with PostGreSQL, MS SQL or MySQL as the database server.It provides power backup and data storage to ensure that your websites function at all times.

It is a complete web hosting solution for individuals, small and medium businesses alike who want more than just simple “web space”. It provides professional-grade web hosting services with superior security, high availability and scalability. It also provides continuous backup and data storage solutions to ensure that your websites function at all times

Real-Time Cloud Monitoring

It offers you real-time cloud monitoring, which means that you know the status of your web presence at any moment. The real time monitoring feature lets you track the performance of your websites in real time; it also notifies you of any issue before it becomes a major problem

Easy Management Interface

The management interface is easy to use and navigate; it lets you store all your data in one secure location. You can browse through the home page to control all aspects of managing your website.

Free Website Migration

If you have an existing website hosted on another domain, or are planning to migrate from a local server to the cloud, we will help you transfer your website to our servers. We will transfer all your files and data to our cloud servers and help you configure your website for free. Web migration is free for websites that are smaller than 11 MB in size. Large websites may require additional charges

E-mail Management and Security

It provides you with complete management over e-mail services of your website through web mail interface. It also provides security features such as virus scanning and anti spam protection for your e-mails.

Website Statistics

The website statistics feature allows you to track the performance of your websites. You can track statistics such as views, hits, total time spent on the site, etc.

Public Data Storage

It provides you with free storage for all your data through Amazon S3 technology. It provides you 25 GB of free storage for all your data; if this is not enough, you can buy additional storage space in the same facility and get even better rates than regular Amazon S3 pricing.

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