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Supermicro, a global leader in IT infrastructure solutions, today announced the release of its new generation of SuperStorage server and chassis offerings. These new systems are designed to meet the high-capacity needs of data centers generating more than 1 billion terabytes (TB) of data daily.

“Supermicro has been helping customers increase storage capacity for decades so they can make the most out of their investments in big data analytics, cloud computing, and virtualization,” said Simon Tan, president and CEO of Supermicro.

“Our SuperStorage systems offer the latest capacity, performance, and data protection to meet the challenges of new applications and workloads.”

The new systems are optimized for data-intensive applications such as cloud computing and virtualization with an Intel Xeon processor-based family of high-performance compute options, including server boards and workstation processors.

These next-generation systems also feature Supermicro’s innovative patented Flexible Smart Array (FSA) cable management system for a low profile and flexible chassis design that is ideally suited for densely populated rack environments.

The Supermicro portfolio of SuperStorage systems provides the broadest range of server storage solutions to enable customers to effectively and efficiently support their critical workloads.

With a wide selection of high-capacity SAS, SATA, and solid-state disk (SSD) drives, the flexible chassis options provide the flexibility to mix traditional 2.5″ hard drives with new generation small form factor SSD or extra large 2.5″ hard drives using an innovative drive cage design.

They have high-performance computing server boards using Intel Xeon processors as workstation boards using Intel Xeon processors and a wide selection of high-speed networking options for building industry-leading integrated networking appliances.

These systems include the latest storage, memory, and I/O technology, including SAS 6 Gb/s, SATA 6Gb/s, and PCI Express 3.0 I/O expansion slots.

This family of systems is Supermicro’s most dense, highest performing, and lowest cost-per-TB storage platform to date.

Supermicro is expanding its X9 server and chassis family to meet the latest high-performance computing (HPC) server applications with a new generation of servers, including the new flagship, X9DRW-7TPF+, a dual processor server based on Intel Xeon processors E5-2600 v2 product family. Also included in the family is a new dual-processor 1U server, the X9DR3-LN4F+, and a high-density, extreme performance SAS storage server, the X9DRFF-7TPF+, based on Supermicro’s patented Flexible Smart Array (FSA) technology.

The new generation of Supermicro’s X9 server and chassis portfolio includes:

– the new X10-LN4F+ based on Intel Xeon processor E5-2600 v3 family, delivers up to 27 percent greater compute performance over the previous generation, using either a dual or single processor server. The new boards also include up to 72 percent more memory with support for DDR4-2400 ECC RDIMMs at speeds of 2133MHz, 2400MHz, and 2666MHz.

HPC solution of the Supermicro X9-LN4F+

– the new dual processor X9DRW-7TPF+ is based on Intel Xeon processor E5-2600 v2 family and features up to 30 percent higher compute performance than the previous generation. The new boards also include up to 47 percent more memory using DDR4-2400 ECC RDIMMs at speeds of 2400MHz and 2666MHz, plus support for 64GB double data rate (DDR) SDRAM with ample memory bandwidth for demanding workstation applications.

The board also supports the latest add-in card (AIC) expansion cards, including quad GPU cards such as NVIDIA’s new Tesla K80 dual-processor workstation accelerator.

The X9DRW-7TPF+ is designed for mission-critical applications, with support for redundant 1600W Titanium level (96%) high-efficiency power supplies and a redundant hot-swap 3.5″ hard drive backplane design that provides management flexibility to meet continuous availability needs. The server also features twelve 3.