Take the Stress Out of Screen Door Installation With a Magnetic Screen

Picture this: You’ve recently been giving your home various upgrades. The backyard looks better than ever; your kitchen looks like a professional chef lives there, and you’ve even enhanced your HVAC unit for better comfort throughout your home.

However, one area that you haven’t renovated yet is the door. It’s not that the entryway needs redoing (we’re sure it looks great, by the way). But you want something that prevents critters from entering your home when the door opens.

Most people spend thousands of dollars on a screen door. However, a magnetic screen door is a more budget-friendly option that works just as well. In this article, we’ll discuss a few benefits of using this for your property.

1. Easier Installation

One of the beautiful things about magnetic screen doors is their easy installation. You’ll need some simple tools at most—you probably have what you need around the house. And if you don’t, these packages come with everything you need, so you won’t need to worry.

But after a few measurements and watching the included video tutorial, you’ll know what needs to be done.

2. Less Noise

Do you know what’s really annoying about traditional screen doors? How loud they are every time you open and close them. Each time you walk through, it sounds like the doors will fall off the hinges—not to mention the loud bang when it shuts.

However, you won’t have that issue with magnetic screen doors. Since there’s no actual “door,” you’ll hear silence each time you walk through.

3. Cleaner Than Normal Screen Doors

Another drawback to traditional screen doors is how dirty they can get. Since they’re the first line of defense against the outdoor elements, dirt can accumulate, making your entryway unpleasant to look at.

Now you may be thinking about how that will change with a magnetic screen door. Well, dirt isn’t accumulated easily because these screens are made from heavy-duty polyester and have reinforced edges.

So they can withstand the constant entries from your family (or pets) and the elements. As a result, the front of your home won’t look like you haven’t cleaned it in some time.

4. No Hands Necessary

We’re sure everyone’s had those moments trying to maneuver through a door while carrying various items. You end up using your foot or putting the things down to open the door, which is equally frustrating because you must figure out how you carried them all in the first place.

But that’s something you won’t have to word about by installing a magnetic screen door. Since there’s no door knob, you don’t have to use your hands. All you have to do is walk right through, and it opens by itself.

If you’re worried about how it closes, cast them aside. Since the door has multiple magnets, the screen closes right back up as soon as you’re done walking through.

5. Kid and Pet Friendly

It can be troubling for your children when they’re trying to open your door. They could have trouble with the locks or may not even be strong enough to push the door open, which can be frustrating and dangerous. Furthermore, it can be challenging for your pet when they really need to head outside to handle their business.

You can negate all of that hassle with a magnetic screen door. Since they’re easy to operate, your kids won’t have trouble going in or out of the house. Plus, your pet can enter and leave as they please, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning up indoor accidents.

6. Better Security

Screen doors are the initial layer of protection before entering your home. But traditional versions don’t always give you the privacy you may want.

However, while they may look vulnerable, magnetic screen doors offer your home an extra layer of security. Furthermore, they cordon off the inside of your home, so no one can see your valuables and attempt to break-in.

7. Useful Throughout the Year

As mentioned above, magnetic screen doors consist of heavy-duty polyester with reinforced edges. And since they can handle all types of elements, you can use them all year round if necessary.

But if you don’t want to, you can also remove them from your entryway. Remember how easy the installation was? Taking the screen door down is just as simple.

Install a Magnetic Screen Door Today

As you can see, magnetic screen doors offer everything your traditional screen door doesn’t. It’s safe, affordable, and can provide your home with a better layer of security.

Plus, you don’t have to spend hours on installation. Grab one today and give your entryway the upgrade it deserves.

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