Team 1 Sets FIFA 23 Players On The Path To Glory

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Path to Glory is a FIFA 23 campaign that celebrates the World Cup competition. Thirty-two dynamic player items, one representing each participating team, are up for grabs.

Are you ready to take advantage of the best FIFA coins pc prices on U7Buy? The Path to Glory event has begun in FIFA 23. This campaign is based on the upcoming World Cup event. The real competition doesn’t begin until November 20th, but this doesn’t mean that we cannot already enjoy World Cup-themed content in our favorite football game. The World Cup update is live. Path to Glory is an event that adds 32 more items to the fold. Before we check them out, let’s head to U7Buy where we discover cheap FIFA 23 coins for sale!

Team 1 FIFA 23 Path to Glory Player Items

Bernardo Silva

OVR: 90.

Position: Center Attacking Midfielder.

Stats: 82 pacing, 81 shooting, 87 passing, 94 dribbling, 63 defending, 71 physical.

Frenkie de Jong

OVR: 88.

Position: Center Midfielder.

Stats: 84 pacing, 70 shooting, 88 passing, 88 dribbling, 78 defending, 82 physical.

Romelu Lukaku

OVR: 88.

Position: Striker.

Stats: 87 pacing, 88 shooting, 78 passing, 83 dribbling, 40 defending, 86 physical.

Antoine Griezmann

OVR: 87.

Position: Striker.

Stats: 85 pacing, 87 shooting, 87 passing, 90 dribbling, 56 defending, 80 physical.

Dani Carvajal

OVR: 87.

Position: Right Back.

Stats: 88 pacing, 56 shooting, 82 passing, 83 dribbling, 82 defending, 83 physical.

Jack Grealish

OVR: 87.

Position: Left Wing.

Stats: 85 pacing, 80 shooting, 86 passing, 90 dribbling, 47 defending, 73 physical.

Serge Gnabry

OVR: 87.

Position: Right Midfielder.

Stats: 87 pacing, 87 shooting, 82 passing, 87 dribbling, 44 defending, 73 physical.

Arkadiusz Milik

OVR: 87.

Position: Striker.

Stats: 87 pacing, 87 shooting, 75 passing, 83 dribbling, 41 defending, 80 physical.

Ronald Araujo

OVR: 86.

Position: Center Back.

Stats: 81 pacing, 53 shooting, 71 passing, 70 dribbling, 85 defending, 85 physical.

Thomas Delaney

OVR: 86.

Position: Center Defending Midfielder.

Stats: 76 pacing, 74 shooting, 80 passing, 81 dribbling, 87 defending, 86 physical.

Bryan Oviedo

OVR: 85.

Position: Left Back.

Stats: 86 pacing, 72 shooting, 80 passing, 83 dribbling, 80 defending, 83 physical.

These are just 11 of the 32 available Path to Glory footballers. Each player represents a nation that participates in the World Cup. These items are dynamic, meaning that they get boosts based on their team’s performance. Check back after each stage to see if the cards were upgraded. The upgrades will go live starting on December 3rd, 7th, 12th, 15th, and 19th. Special Path to Glory Squad Building Challenges provide more players from this collection.

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