Tell these things when hiring a criminal defense attorney in OKC

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Your life can go for a toss when you are charged with a crime in Oklahoma City. No matter whether you are guilty, you have the right to defend your side, and in your best interests, you need to take all relevant steps to find the right strategy. People often take relationships with legal teams for granted. In this post, we are sharing the things you must share when consulting and working with criminal defense attorneys OKC.

The context of the situation

What were you doing when you were charged or arrested? Were you stressed? Were you on medications? Were you trying to run away from the scene? Your lawyer needs to know everything so that they can work on the case accordingly. Hiding facts or sharing half-baked steps is not going to help. There are mitigating factors that can assist your attorney in how they fight for you.

Witnesses at the scene

Your lawyer needs to know if someone was around when the incident happened. Witness testimonies can make or break a case, and in some cases, the police could have been on the side of wrong at the time of your arrest. If there were other individuals at the scene, they could help. Even when the witnesses are unlikely to support your story, your lawyer can prepare accordingly.

Evidence you have

Evidence is everything in a criminal case, and the prosecutor is expected to provide solid evidence that you have committed the crime you have been accused of. Your criminal lawyer, on the other hand, will look for info and details that can prove otherwise. Regardless of the kind of evidence you have, even when it is incriminating, your lawyer should be aware of that to prepare your defense.

Your current financial situation

Hiring a criminal defense attorney can be expensive, which is also why many people charged with a crime don’t seek help. Having a clear and transparent relationship with your lawyer is critical. Let the lawyer know about your financial situation so that they can guide you further. Most law firms in OKC charge an hourly rate with a retainer fee, but for some cases, a flat fee is also possible.

Once you hire an attorney, you have to trust them, which means ensuring transparency from the start of the relationship is wise. Also, make sure you know the expertise and profile of the legal team working for you.