The Best Examples of EdTech and Learning Startups in 2022

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The educational industry is projected to reach $10 trillion by 2030. However, there is a problem of capital for the education sector, and especially it concerns the digitalization aspect. Due to Covid, many educational institutions had to switch to an online format worldwide.

Such dramatic changes motivated many education providers to adjust their way of spreading knowledge and investing into digitalization. At the moment, the edtech sector is on the top of its activity. Below, we are going to see the examples of the most promising online education startups and EdTech of 2022.


BetterUp focuses on providing high-quality coaching services for professionals. Thanks to advanced assessments the company matches you with the right coaches. It is a way to help your employees boost their professional level, self-confidence, and leadership skills. You can access various tools for your career coaching.

Board Infinity

It is a famous higher education platform that offers exclusive online programs, coaching sessions, and certification courses both for job-seekers and students. The educational company is based in the biggest Indian cities, such as Mumbai, Bamngaluru, Noida, etc. The company has ambitious plans to expand its educational services across India and foreign countries.


It is another top-quality Indian company that focuses on educational technology. The team provides services on online tutoring to help K-12 students make their learning program more personalized and efficient. You can choose between an app version and online digital access points. The company is based in Bangalore and has already raised $2,1 billion.


The online platform CampusLogic focuses on assisting students and teachers to manage their financial aid tools and the main educational resources. You can find assistance for such financial support systems as scholarships and loans. The educational startup works on a convenient cloud-based platform making the verification process much easier and faster. Students are able to fill forms online and verify their documents via e-signature, which is very convenient.


It is a tutoring program for students of all levels, starting from elementary and finishing with high school levels. The company is based in Sydney and has more than $14,8 million funding. Cluey has ambitious plans to make students’ lives easier and more efficient. The team works hard on improving the enrollment system, developing educational products/services, channel, strategic acquisitions, and growth opportunities.


It is an American online learning platform. It offers many exclusive streamlined programs, which are used by many organizations and students. The tools help make career development progress more efficient and goal-oriented. Degreed is able to track, measure, and validate various types of learning (degrees, online courses, conferences, magazine subscriptions, etc.) Students can access a top-class online library platform.


Duolingo is an excellent learning startup with headquarters in the USA. Thanks to this startup millions of students have an awesome opportunity to learn foreign languages in a game form. You can access free lessons via the app or web browser version. The language courses available for many languages, such as French, Russian, Polish, Ukrainian, Greek, Turkish, English, Dutch, and many many others. Users love the interface of Duolingo and its personalized way of teaching. To motivate students to learn, there is an efficient reward system. You can download the app on both Android and IOS mobile devices.