The ‘Best’ Joke at the Edinburgh Comedy Festival

The ‘best’ joke at the Edinburgh Fringe is a contest that’s held every year to celebrate the best in comedy. The competition has been running since 2009, and this year’s winner was Swedish comedian Olaf Falafel. Previous winners include Tim Vine, Stewart Francis, Ken Cheng, and others. But a one-liner from a Scottish comedian is the best joke at the festival.

The competition is more open

In order to decide the ‘best’ joke at the Edinburgh Comedy Awards, comedians can vote online. In 2017, the comedian Olaf Falafel of Sweden was voted ‘Best Comedian’ by 2000 members of the public. In a move to make the contest more open and fair, people could vote anonymously, preventing the award from being swayed by well-known comedians.

Which are comedy critics

Olaf Falafel was awarded the ‘Best Joke’ award for the fifth time. He ranked first in the Dave awards, which are voted for by comedy critics, writers, and comedians. Despite the large number of jokes presented during the festival, Falafel’s “vegetable pun” won the competition by a clear majority. He beat out cowboys and semaphore.

Fringe’s supporter from the beginning

Falafel’s ‘best joke’ joke has been voted for by over 3,000 people. His winning joke was a satirical one-liner that referred to a pregnant woman. The competition was organized by Will Mars, a former winner of the award. This year, DAVE, a supporter of the Fringe since its inception, found a joke from a Swedish comedian on the Royal Mile.

‘Funny’ joke award

The ‘best’ joke at the Edinburgh comedy festival is voted by the public. The competition is run by the TV channel Dave and awards the ‘funniest’ joke at the festival. The best joke is selected by a panel of 10 comedy critics and the audience. It is not necessary that the best joke is the best performance, but it is the one with the most votes.

A panel of critics

Tim Vine is the king of one-liners. His ‘best’ joke at the Edinburgh Comedy festival was chosen by a panel of 10 critics. This is the first time that the ‘best’ joke at the Edinburgh festival was chosen by the public. The ‘funniest’ joke in the festival is the most hilarious joke performed by a comedian at the fringe. If you are a fan of one-liners, then you should check out the competition.


The ‘best’ joke at the Edinburgh comedy festival is voted by the audience. This award is given to the most original and funniest joke. This year’s list included fifteen jokes from comedians across the world. If you’re interested in winning the award, make sure you watch the comedy festival. This year, you don’t want to miss the ‘best’ joke at the Edinburgh Comedy festivals.

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