The Best Off-Road Upgrades for Your Jeep  Truck

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Spring has arrived, and it will not be long before summer is here. If you have a Jeep or truck, you are probably excited for some off-roading. With warmer weather and longer days, it is the perfect time to begin planning for some outdoor adventures. To make the most of your weekend treks, your vehicle must be prepared for the expected and unexpected. The following are some necessary and recommended upgrades so you can have the best experience and protect your truck.

Off-Road Wheels & Tires

Tires are definitely an essential upgrade. Taller tires, such as the 37 inch all terrain tires will not only make your ride look intimidating, but they will also improve ground clearance and provide the traction necessary for going off-road. Find a tire that can handle smooth surfaces as well as rocks and wood.


Another important upgrade is a winch. This will help you get out of unexpected situations, no matter what they may be. A high quality winch, such as the smittybilt x20, will help pull you out when you are stuck a tight spot or in mud-filled holes. It will also make you a hero to those who did not prepare and need help to get unstuck.

Undercarriage Protection

Because of all the things your truck will come across during your off-road expeditions, you want to make sure your vehicle is protected underneath. Anything from branches to pointy rocks can ruin the undercarriage. Along with offering protection, guards and shields will increase your confidence to try new terrain because you will not have to worry about damaging important components such as fuel tanks, oil pans, exhaust components, and T-cases.

Some components to consider include a skid plate and armor made out of durable material such as heavy gauge steel.

Lift Kit

Once you have protected the undercarriage, then you can consider a lift kit fox. Even with a lift kit, the components underneath can be damaged, so guarding that area is the first step. One of the things a lift kit does is increase your ground clearance so you can navigate more areas. There are numerous lift kits available, so research to find what works the best for your vehicle.

Brush Guard

You are probably pretty proud of how your truck or Jeep looks, and you do not want to scrape it up with all the off-roading you are planning on doing. After you protect the underbelly of your vehicle, you can start adding protective shields to the body. A brush guard, also known as a bull bar, is a good choice. It protects the front of your truck from brush, grass, and other obstacles.


Even though it becomes dark a lot later in the summer, it is still important to upgrade the lights on your vehicle. If you plan on doing some night riding, you will need strong beams and peripheral lighting to navigate the terrain.

Off-roading can be a blast, and you get to see varying landscapes and terrain. To make the most out of your adventures, make sure you upgrade your vehicle with all the off-road essentials.