The Death of the Artist and the Birth of a Creative Entrepreneur by William Deresiewicz

The Death of the Artistand the Birth of a Creative Entrepreneur by William Deresiewicch is a fascinating read that examines how the sanctified artist has been destroyed by the rise of modern art. Traditionally, artists operated modest studios that grew to be art workshops, but today the field is dominated by corporations and “art factories.” This book examines how the market has distorted the creative process, and how artists are being replaced by creative entrepreneurs who aren’t even artists.

Creative entrepreneur

While Deresiewicz discusses several art forms, including architecture and sculpture, he finds many artists in the modern era to be creative entrepreneurs. The rise of the internet and social media have democratized the process of selling art. While the quality of the work is going to drop, the demand for art will remain high. And this is a good thing.

Artistic Horizon

The current system of art education is tied to the credentialed professional model – one that is characterized by degrees, review boards, and standards. This system is also based on formal associations. Although Deresiewicz did not endorse either narrative, he did frame the debate as a symptom of a larger shift in the artistic horizon.

Environment Issue

The death of the artist and the birth of the creative entrepreneur is a timely book. Rather than promoting the professional model, the author argues that the new age of artists is ushered in by the rise of the internet and social media. In this new environment, the quality of work will inevitably drop as piracy increases and the market becomes more democratized.

Considered creative entrepreneur

The author argues that the profession of the artist has changed. Many artists should now be considered creative entrepreneurs. The collapse of traditional institutions has ushered in a new age of artists and a new breed of artpreneurs. As the economy democratizes, the selling of art will become more accessible and less expensive. Therefore, the new artist is an important part of the economy.


While the demonetization of the artist has largely eroded the value of art, many of them now have to be creative entrepreneurs, and it is these individuals who should be considered “creative entrepreneurs” as well. Despite the dwindling of traditional institutions, the growth of the internet and social media has led to a new era of artists and creative entrepreneurs.

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