The Essential Guide to Caring for Your Bridal Set

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Your bridal set consists of your engagement ring and wedding band. It is the piece of jewelry that symbolizes the love and commitment that you share with your spouse. A bridal set comprising a diamond wedding band and a diamond engagement ring is a priceless treasure.

It not only reflects the high value that you place on your union. But can also be a great fashion statement, speaking elegance and class. For a lot of women, your bridal set could be your first experience with fine jewelry. And sometimes you can get confused trying to figure out just how to treat this beautiful piece of jewelry.

You might wonder if you should wear them all the time, when to take them off, how to care for them, and how to keep them continually sparkling. In this article, we are going to be looking at the importance of caring for your bridal set and the essential ways to achieve this.

Importance of Caring for Your Bridal Set

Here are some important reasons why you must take proper care of your bridal set:

1. To Keep Them New

One of the most important reasons why you must care for your bridal sets is to keep them new and preserve their beauty. You do not want your rings to start deteriorating and lose value and quality only after a few years. Especially if you have a diamond set, you want to ensure that they keep sparkling. And that they do not suffer from damage and cracks.

2. To Save Money

Not properly caring for your bridal set can lead to it being damaged or lost. This will mean having to replace your rings. This can be a particularly uncomfortable expense, especially with a set of diamond rings. So you must ensure that your precious gems are being properly cared for at all times.

3. To Prevent Bacteria and Infection

Wedding rings that are left uncleaned for a very long time accumulate dirt. And this accumulated dirt is a hot breeding spot for bacteria. This bacteria can lead to discoloration and degradation of your gems. This bacteria can also lead to infection and skin irritation if left for a long time.

4. To Preserve a Valuable Treasure

Diamond engagement and wedding rings are amazing treasures to leave for the next generation. So it is important that you take proper care of your rings so that they will remain durable and their lifespan will be extended to enable you to leave a priceless heirloom for your children and grandchildren which they will appreciate and value for a very long time.

How to Care for Your Bridal Set

Knowing how important it is to take proper care of your bridal sets, we are throwing here six tips to guide you on caring for your bridal sets.

1. Clean Them Regularly

When your rings are left to build up dirt or oil for a long time, these dirt and oil particles block the light interactions on the stone. There’s no point in having a beautiful diamond ring if it’s going to look dirty all the time. Not cleaning your bridal sets reduces their shine and dulls their glitter.

Cleaning your diamond ring is very easy to do. Get a mug of warm water, and add a few drops of soap or mild dishwashing detergent. Then drop your rings in it and let them sit for a few minutes. You could even let them stay overnight.

Then you scrub gently with a soft-bristled baby toothbrush. After scrubbing, you rinse and then pat them dry. but you must ensure to avoid drains. While you do this, stay away from drains or cover the drain when you clean your rings. This is to avoid losing any piece of jewelry.

2. Store Them Properly

While diamonds are very tough stones, they are not invincible. Continuous exposure of your rings to hard surfaces or letting them scrape against other metals continuously will eventually lead to cracks on your rings. One tip for avoiding cracks is to store your rings separately.

Do not lump them up on top of one another or keep them rubbing against each other or against other jewelry. When you take out your band and engagement ring, keep each one separately. This ensures that they do not rub each other and get damaged as a result of friction.

3. Know When to Keep Them On or Take Them Off

In trying to protect your bridal set, it can be tempting to keep slipping them off every time you want to wash your hands or step out, however, this is not a good idea. A lot of brides have been known to leave their rings behind after washing their hands in public places.

So if you’re going to be out doing physical activities for a long time, for example, spending a day at the beach, you can leave your ring behind. Swimming can affect the temperature of your body which causes your finger to shrink in size. And so, there’s a high tendency for rings to slip off while you are in the water.

Also if you’re going to be partaking in any high-impact physical activities that require you to use your hands a lot, for instance, playing golf or playing tennis or some other physical exercises it is better that you take your ring off for this.

On the other hand, sleeping with your rings is a matter of comfort and preference.

4. Keep Ring Dishes Around the House

While the house is the safest place to take off your rings, you shouldn’t just leave them anywhere. Having little ring dishes in specific areas around the house will help ensure that your precious gems are kept safe and protected at all times.

You can have a ring dish in the kitchen, another in the bathroom, and one in the bedroom. These are places where you are most likely to take your rings off. This ensures that you always know where to find them

5. Get Your Set Insured

Getting insurance is one of the surest ways to protect your assets. Your bridal set should be insured against theft, damage, or loss. This is especially important for diamond engagement and wedding rings.

Get your gems appraised and insured so that in the event that they go missing or get stolen or damaged, you would not have to worry much.

6. Avoid Harsh Chemicals

As already stated, all you need to keep your diamond bridal set clean is warm water and mild soap. They do not need to be treated with chemicals or any harsh substances. Harsh chemicals harm your gemstones and lead to discoloration.

So you should avoid exposure to harsh chemicals at all costs. You can take off your rings when you’re dealing with chemicals either during chores or at work.


Caring for your bridal set is important to keep them new and protected. Taking adequate care will also prolong their life span and ensure that you don’t incur unnecessary expenses. This is why you must make a conscious effort.

Regular cleaning will help keep dirt and germs at Bay. And this will keep you free from infections and skin irritation. Make sure to keep your rings away from harsh chemicals. If you’re going to be dealing with bleach and other harsh substances, take your rings off.

Do not get into the habit of constantly taking off your rings in public. Learn to keep your rings properly. Avoid bundling them together or allowing them to rub against other jewelry pieces. Finally, make sure to get your pieces insured, this is the best protection against theft, damage, and loss.