The “Slip-And-Fall” Cases in Idaho 

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You might have come across the term “slip and fall” liability. It is a very common principle of law that when someone invites another to his property, then it is incumbent upon him who invites to make the premises safe for the invited. If the person invited suffers some injury as a result of the failure of such duty by the inviting person, then the person invited can face liability. 

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The first guarantee of free consultation to the client. Since you are already in pain, you will not even be required to come to their office. The attorneys will drop a visit to your home for the free consultation session. At Lister Frost Idaho, they believe that justice must not come at a cost to you. It should be free from all the strings. 

This is why the second guarantee is that you will not be required to pay the lawyers till you are not paid. This ensures that there is no financial burden on you. And the final guarantee is that they will secure you the compensation which is more than the one that was initially offered to you. If they fail to do this, you will be under no obligation to pay them. 

Things to prove in a slip and fall case in Idaho

Proving the liability in a slip and fall case in Idaho is not a cakewalk. Multiple things need to be proven. Here is a list of those things:

1- The first thing which your attorney will be required to prove is that you were not a trespasser. Trespassers have no right over the property. 

2- The second thing is that you were a licensee or an invitee to the property which means that either you are permitted in the property or that the owner invited you on the property. 

3- Next, it is also required to prove that it is through the rash and negligent conduct of the owner that you had to undergo the injuries. There must be established failure on part of the owner to warn you about the inherent danger. 

4- Finally, your lawyer will need to prove the existence of injury and the appropriate quantum of damages. 


In Idaho, you must hire the best attorney for slip and fall cases.