The Trending Technologies Used In We1Win Live Casino

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For the vast majority of businesses, the past year has been challenging. However, it has provided a few people rare opportunities. One example is the internet gaming industry. All these platforms have gained popularity already from the term pandemic outside prison walls. When their brick-and-mortar competitors get forced to close their doors, and the world’s gamblers were with nothing to do but sit at home gazing at their phones, visitor numbers exploded. Try We1Win live casino in Malaysia to experience the best gaming feel.

Live Dealer Technology Changes the Way We Play Games

This pattern gets seen across a wide range of businesses, and as technology advances, it will continue to show current concepts and procedures. However, there is a desire to exercise some control amid this trend toward robotics, computers, and automation.

AI Isn’t Always the Best Option

Even if we all adore technology, we are still only human, like we place high importance on interaction and control. Let’s look into live dealer casino technology to illustrate this concept. This informative overview emphasizes the usage of human-controlled games in online casinos. The fundamental principle of popular games like Lightning Roulette and Blackjack Party is that online players get to see and interact with live dealers. That’s intriguing as it deviates from the usual.

Optical character recognition technology

Every live dealer casino relies on optical character recognition (OCR) and gets its foundation. In the early 1990s, this technology began to take off. It was initially employed to digitize paper documents and newspapers. All textual data had to get manually retyped before OCR, which was very labor-intensive, incorrect, and time-consuming.

OCR makes it possible to digitize many types of analog information, including pictures and printed and handwritten text. This technology feeds everything that transpires – in the gaming studio during live casino games to users’ desktop or mobile displays.

Each card gets removed from the deck or shoe scanned, converting its denomination and suit into digital information. Accordingly, this data was updated in real time and displayed on the screens.

However, this strategy has become antiquated, and many live casinos now use OCR. They prefer to employ specialized OCR software and cameras because they provide accuracy, convenience, and effectiveness.

Studio Monitors

Although monitors are not particularly new, high resolution and other features are constantly improving; and monitors play a vital role in the technology employed by online live casinos. The dealer can use monitors to know everything going on, including the bets being put and closed and player messages.

Powerful Cameras

Live casinos are taking full advantage of the advancements in this area since cameras and lenses have gotten increasingly powerful. The games played in the studio can be captured in all their glory by several powerful cameras, giving players various angles on the action. For instance, a roulette table will have three cameras installed to capture images of the wheel, the table, and the croupier.

Game Control Unit

Live casinos couldn’t operate without a Game Control Unit. The cutting-edge technology unites every aspect of the live casino experience. Encoding is handled by the GCU, ensuring that the live stream is transmitted with the best possible clarity and without any delays—two requirements for players to enjoy the experience of playing live games.