The Ultimate Football Prediction For Beginners

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How to predict football Over and Under effectively and accurately is a question that many players ask. In this article, Nhà cái 789BET will update detailed information for new players to refer to.

What exactly is the football Sic Bo bet?

The football betting system is extremely diverse and is often divided into main and secondary forms. In particular, Big Sic is a popular bet in football matches. With its simplicity and attractiveness, the number of people playing this type of betting in football is increasing day by day.

How to predict football Over/Under based on the total number of goals of a match. Bet Over (if total goal is greater than Over Under) or Under (if total goal is less than Over Under) based on the number given by the dealer. Once the result of the match is determined, if the player wins, the bet plus the winnings will be returned. In the event of a failure with the betting selection, the bettor will lose the entire bet amount.

During the calculation, a match will be divided into two halves within 90 minutes, including injury time. However, football predictions are not allowed to calculate the time of extra time and penalty shootouts.

What is the basic information about Over/Under bets in football?

Learn to read Over/Under bets in the world of football

To read the Over/Under bets in football, bettors need to look at the numbers and information displayed on the odds table. This information will help the player determine the odds for the Over/Under and understand what each number means.

  • View Over/Under numbers: On the odds table, a bettor will see two columns of odds for Over/Under, usually represented by decimal numbers like 0.5, 1.5, 2.5,… For example, a bet player might see odds for Over 2.5 is 1.80 and Under 2.5 is 2.00.
  • Meaning of Over/Under: The decimal number in the Over/Under market represents the difference between the expected total number of goals and the bet number. For example, if betting Over 2.5, this means that the player predicts that the total number of goals in the match will be greater than 2.5. In case the goal in the match is 3 or more, the bettor will win the whole bet. Conversely, if the total number of goals scored is 2 or less, the player will completely lose the bet.

How to read the Tai Chi bet in the football village

The most effective way to predict soccer and

The most effective football betting predictions require a combination of knowledge and careful analysis. The factors that affect the total number of goals in a match are extremely important to be noticed by players. Here are some effective ways of predicting football Occidental for the novice community.


View squad information, players between two teams

Viewing squad and player information between two teams is an accurate and effective way of predicting football Over and Under. Team and player information can greatly influence a team’s play and scoring performance.

Look at the scoring form of the key players in the squad. Players in good scoring form can create many scoring opportunities during the match. It is important to consider the injury status of key players in the squad. An injury to a key player can affect the team’s scoring efficiency.

How to predict Big Sic, football like distilled water

Follow previous results

Keeping track of the previous results of two teams is an important way of predicting football Occidental for evaluating form and performance. Recent match results can provide valuable information on the performance and trends of the two teams, helping to make accurate predictions about the odds.

  • View recent match results: Look at the results of the two teams in recent matches, especially in the most recent period. Recent matches often reflect the current form of the teams.
  • Observe total goals: Track the number of goals scored and lost by both teams in previous matches. If both teams usually have a lot of goals in recent matches, the odds can be higher.
  • View head-to-head results: Check the results of head-to-head matches between the two teams. There can be total goal patterns that appear when two teams go head-to-head.

How to predict football Over and Under based on statistics

Statistics based football prediction is a scientific and accurate approach to make smart betting decisions. Statistics provides numbers and analytical data on the factors that influence the total number of goals in a match.

  • View average goalscoring rate: Look at the average number of goals scored and lost by the two teams in each recent match. This statistic will help the bettor know the level of attack and defense efficiency of the team.
  • Check home and away goal ratio: Look at the average number of goals scored and lost by two teams when playing at home and away.
  • Review offensive and defensive stats: View both teams’ offensive and defensive stats. For example, the number of shots, the number of times approaching the penalty area, the number of fouls, the number of saves, …

How to predict football Over and Under and combining multiple methods will help make smart betting decisions. Wish all players luck and success when participating in attractive rafters at the 789BET house.