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Tattoos sound like a great decision when making it. Sometimes, this decision can turn out poorly. It might also happen that we might like the tattoo initially but with time begin to dislike it. The thing about tattoos is that they are permanent. They won’t go away with time. As they are a commitment for life, one is often asked to deter from it. If you have a tattoo that you don’t want anymore, you should consider laser tattoo removal Toronto. It is an efficient and safe way to bid farewell to your tattoo. If this is something you have been considering, we are here to tell you all about it.

How does it work?

During the treatment, the energy from the laser is directed to the ink particles on the skin. This energy helps to break up the pigmentation. As the ink has been broken down into smaller parts, it is easily removed through the body’s natural filtering system. Over the next several weak,s you will begin to see the cleansing and filtering of the ink. These treatments are planned accordingly. Whenever you come for your next removal appointment, the ink would be a lot lighter.

To ensure that you are comfortable during the procedure, a numbing agent is used along with medication. This combination helps to make the treatment more tolerable. It helps to ensure that the treatment is better than what you imagined. You can return to your routine without any downtime.

What should you expect from the laser removal treatment?

To remove the laser, multiple treatment sittings are required. Each tattoo is different. The treatment is planned to keep the colour, size and depth in mind. With each laser tattoo removal treatment, you will begin to see the ink clearing and the intensity of the pigmentation fading. If you don’t want to remove the tattoo but only make it fade, that is also possible. Sometimes patients choose to fade out the tattoo and cover it with a new one. The treatment plan is designed as per your requirements.

What happens after the treatment?

After the laser treatment, you might experience temporary redness, raising of the tattoo, swelling, blistering, minor pin-point bleeding or temporary darkening of the colours. All of these are some common side effects associated with laser tattoo removal. All these effects begin to settle within a week or two.

Is there a risk of hypopigmentation for people with dark skin tones?

Those who have darker skin tones and are planning to undergo laser tattoo removal treatment, face a high risk of hypopigmentation. Despite that, the tattoo can be easily removed. During the treatment, the laser might target your skin’s pigments while targeting the tattoo’s pigment. During the consultation, the surgeon will inform you whether the treatment option is safe for you or not. They will carry out an analysis and work with you to figure out the best possible treatment option.