Things to consider to purchasing a good water plastic tank

Water is a natural resource that is very essential to human life. Therefore, it should be well managed and conserved.  The use of water tanks is one of the most commonly used ways to store water.

Due to climate change all over the world and the population growth every year, water from natural sources has become scarce. For this reason, people are encouraged to harvest rainwater and store it in water tanks.

There are various types of water tanks such as metallic tanks, concrete tanks, plastic tanks, etc. Plastic tanks are mostly used for these reasons:

⦁ They are cheap

⦁ They are flexible

⦁ Easily accessible/ they available all over the country

⦁ They come in different sizes


These are the main considerations when it comes to water storage.  The capacity of the water tank mainly depends on the number of people using water daily for all of their needs. For instance, a family of 5 members will use less water during the day compared to a whole apartment. This implies that the capacity of the tank will be determined by how many people are to be served.


Water tank prices in Kenya differ from one supplier to another. When purchasing a water tank, having taken all other considerations, you should also ensure the tank is worth the cost.


The life span of the water tank is very important. A good water tank should be made of a high-quality material that can withstand all external conditions such as high temperatures, very low temperatures, animal attacks, etc. Linear polyethylene is the best material with a high density which facilitates its strength thus it can withstand harsh conditions and prevent leakage.

Warranty period

A longer warranty period is the guarantee of trust with the tank company. Water tanks with long-lasting warrants are considered the best.


Colour is important in any water storage system. A good water tank should have a black colored opaque layer to prevent light from entering inside the tank. This prevents the formation of algae in the tank.

Tips for maintaining water tanks

Regular checks

The tank should be checked regularly to make sure no dust or light is entering the tank. This is ensured by filling all the gaps. The tank should also be well sealed to prevent leakage.

Regular cleaning

A water tank should be cleaned at least once a year to remove all the dust that may have entered, scrub out all the algae that may have started forming, and also clean out all the sediments or debris which may have entered the tank. With this regular cleaning, the water will be safe for drinking.

Inspecting gutters.

Gutters should always be clean. A dirty gutter may contain debris or sediment which can contaminate the water tank.


Plastic water tanks are widely used in Kenya. The price of the tank, capacity, and color are among the main considerations when purchasing a water tank. Water tanks should also be well maintained to make sure the water is safe for drinking and other uses. For more, check

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