Top Career Options in VFX Industry 

As enthralled as you are to begin your career, it might be one of the most anxious things in your life to choose a career and make a living from it. Before jumping to a conclusion, ask yourself before things. What am I excited about? What do I like doing the most? Where lies my interest? If your answer is digital electronics and creativity, then you could find a rewarding career in the VFX industry. 

Recent statistics show that Animation and VFX will be growing at a stunning rate of above 9% between 2021 and 2026. The industry holds an incredible future in India and with the huge scopes of foreign projects, there’s no looking back. 

Do you want to know what are some of the amazing career options in the VFX industry? Then read further in this blog to find out. This Is How You Search For The Rightkind Of Sublime Traders.

Top Career Options in VFX Industry

The list of opportunities in this domain is huge and we have come up with some of the most common inclusions here. 

2D Animation Artist: A rewarding pick that you can make is pursuing a role as a 2D Animation Artist. In this role, you use your creativity and work across various tools like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe flash. You collaborate with editors and art directors to develop an animation movie or a scene. As a pro in this field, you can also use one of the online courses platform to launch your course and help talented aspirants with their goals. 

3D Animation Artist: The demand for 3D animation artists in the 21st century is sky-high. You’ll be responsible to bring animated visuals to life in games or films through exclusive software and computer illustrations. In the ever-demanding media and entertainment sector, the demand for 3D artists is never-ending. 

Layout Artist: If you love playing with visuals, pursuing a career as a layout artist could help you attain amazing heights. You’ll work across various things like interpreting the script and working on templates in the process of reproducing the script into the visual mode. You’ll need to visualize what you want the visuals to look like. 

3D Modeller: Another tempting career option in the VFX industry is that of a 3D Modeller. If you are a creative wizard with a bunch of technical knowledge, this role is for you. It also paves the way for other opportunities in education, medicine, or science. If you know how to sell online courses and the details associated with them, you can come up with your course and help many candidates who wish to learn 3ad Modelling. 

Character Animation Artist: One of the most sought-after career options in the VFX industry is Character Animation Artist. You’ll be using characters to speak a story for different animation movies, mobile apps, and computer games. You’ll work exclusively across the genres of 2D activities, 3D displays, and related tools. 

Lighting Artist: Another pick you can make in the VFX industry is pursuing a role as a Lighting Artist. Whether live action or an animated scene, lighting is the core part of the production. If you’re someone with an in-depth understanding of lighting as a section of the storytelling method, you’ll work wonders in this field. 

These are just quite a few names in the VFX industry. Other options you can explore include Flash Animator, Finishing Artist, Compositing Artist, FX Technical Director, VFX Artist, Data Input/Output Technician, Technical Assistant, and so on. 

Recent stats and instances suggest the highest salary a VFX Artist earns on average is close to INR 7 lakhs/year which keeps increasing based on project requirements and expertise. 

Wrapping Up 

The road to making a successful career in VFX might not be a cakewalk but how you choose to deal with the adversaries helps you get going. A career in animation in VFX and Animation could offer you the finest industry opportunities, cracking which will help you reach incredible feats. 

Sitting back and dreaming for it will serve no purpose. Instead, you have to take the shot today and start working to make your dreams come true.

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Did you find the list useful? Which career option are you going to pick in the VFX industry? 

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