Top Dividend Paying Stocks Australia Securities Exchange Has To Offer

Take it from us; there are many dividend paying Top Lithium Battery Stocks can offer you.

When investing, many people only look at how the share prices might skyrocket in the future, increasing their value. But there are many other ways of making money from shares. One of them is dividends.

The Australian Stock market has a high average yield of nearly twice the world’s average. Almost eighty percent of the listed companies have a payout, with some of them coming fully franked.

It is nearly criminal not to take advantage of a market like this. Unless you have other plans, in which case, bravo. But if you don’t, then we can help you.

We’ve got a list of four of the top dividend paying stocks Australia has to offer. These guys dish out a sizeable percentage as dividends, so you might want to grab a piece for yourself.

  • Fortescue Metals Group Limited (ASX: FMG)

We have the Fortescue Metals Group at the top of our list of high dividend paying stocks Australia can offer. 

Let’s start with a quick fun fact: FMG is currently boasting a 20.7% yield. And that is phenomenal. This mining giant has been making a lot of profit and bathing its shareholders with returns. 

So yes, this is one of the highest dividend paying stocks Australia has at present. You can cop a share quickly because their prices have been dropping recently. It might not always be that way. 

  • Rio Tinto Limited (ASX: RIO)

The second-best dividend paying stocks Australia has right now is Rio Tinto Limited. 

Like FMG, this company also deals with metals and mining, and had a very profitable 2021. Its shareholders received a 13.3% yield in returns. 

Also, like FMG, its share prices have fallen a bit. But this might mean the perfect time to grab a share. 

  • Magellan Financial Group Ltd (ASX: MFG)

2021 was a good year for many companies and bad for some others. Magellan Financial Group was among the latter. 

The blame could go to their underperformance or the loss of their top client, St. James Place. Whatever the reason, the result is that their share prices have plummeted. 

They gave out a 10.9% dividend last year, but the future looks bleak. Some shareholders still hold out for a turnaround of fortune. Who knows? It might happen. 

  • BHP Group Ltd (ASX: BHP)

Again, we have a mining giant on our list with a yield of 9.6%. Why so much profit in that sector?

That has a lot to do with the iron ore price boom throughout 2021. Seeing that the mining costs stayed relatively the same, profits went through the roof.

Share prices have been doing well and steadily appreciating. Seeing that this is the biggest company by market capitalization on our list, that is understandable. 

This is one of the highest dividend paying stocks Australia can offer presently.


In the ASX, many companies pay returns on their shares instead of just reinvesting. And thanks to franking, it is profitable for investors. That said, you can purchase one of the high dividend paying stocks Australia has and get in on the action. Good luck. 

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