Turn Your Company’s Email Into a Content Library

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Turn Your Company’s email into a content library. Your emails should be easy to navigate, contain information customers want to read, and support personalization. In short, your content library should help you meet those needs. In addition to this, you should consider using your own personalization tactics, if you have any. In this article, we will discuss a few methods that will help you do just that.

Footer of the blog post

Use website registration to create a content library. You can use your email list to promote your content library. You can place it in the footer of your blog post, on every page, or in the header of your website. Rather than pop-ups, you can use pop-overs to invite visitors to register. By doing this, you can create a more personalized and targeted offer.

Tutorial type blog

Another way to promote your content library is to create a tutorial type of blog. Once people read your blog posts, give them the option to register. Use a feature box in the header of your website or a footer at the end of your posts to encourage registration. To increase the chances of registration, use a feature box in your blog’s header. Also, make sure to incorporate pop-overs into your email marketing strategy.

Sales representatives

You should consider evangelizing your content library to your sales team. You can do this by establishing a new email newsletter and letting your sales reps know about it. Your sales organization should be regularly informed of your content library. And you should be willing to share this with them. The content library should be easy to read and understand, so your salespeople won’t be turned off by it.

To encourage registration

You can also promote your content library by creating high-quality tutorial-type content on your blog. When someone reads your blog post, they should be given the chance to sign up. You can use a footer at the end of every post, a sidebar on every page, or even a feature box on the top of your site. Additionally, you can use pop-overs instead of pop-ups to encourage registration.


As with any content library, you should promote it in as many ways as possible. The best way to promote a content library is to produce high-quality tutorial-type content. Then, provide an opportunity for people who are reading your content to sign up for your content library. Aside from that, you can use a sidebar or feature box at the top of your website. By including an invitation to register, you can promote your company’s email as a valuable resource.

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