Types of party you will see in college

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Involving in extracurricular activities are some of the highlights that are hard to forget from the campus. No matter if you were a top performer with a mentionable CGPA, head of your class, volunteer, or the kind of student who doesn’t want to be a part of any academic activity – a college dorm party becomes a compulsion to attend. 

But if you have just joined a club or college, you might be wondering what types of parties you will see in college. Whether you have heard about a lot of types of parties from your friends studying in the other colleges, now it’s your turn to find out the actual ones. So here are some of the most common college parties that you wish to see. 

1. Theme Party 

Theme parties are some of the commonest parties that are celebrated across the globe in almost every school or college. After all, everybody loves to dress up as they have never before. From cosplays to Disney themes, be sure that you come up with the best for the event creatively. 

2. The Banger 

Not all the parties become bangers. This is because when you are surrounded by unfamiliar faces at college parties it gets hard to mingle and show the naughty side of yours. This is because, by the time you know their taste in music and like minded things, they might turn out to be weird near you. So whenever you get amazing people with great taste in music and life, make sure to make the most of them and enjoy the party to the fullest.  

3. The tailgate 

 The tailgates are common but happen rarely at college parties. These kinds of tailgate parties are some of the ones that you normally see in the movies where two rival teams, say a football team or a group of motorcyclists, race arranged to win and celebrate. It is the only college party where daylight drinking is allowed. 

4. The basement batch

Many times planning to hit the big ground and celebrate college life at its peak goes in vain and college friends find themselves partying in the basement. However, they can be fun with lots of music and unusual songs and beats can make things really memorable. But be sure that the basement you choose must have appropriate light as the usual lack it. 

Plus, the floor can be sticky and dark enough to find anything back if you drop. Due to the small area in the basement, the sound can be a loud affair. All in all, you will enjoy the show for sure. 

5. The Frat Party 

The iconic and most loved college party is a frat party. It is organized by a fraternity and is the most stereotypical party filled with kegs, alcohol, and craziness of college students. 

There would be a range of fraternities in your college which can be academic and non-academic. Academic fraternity may include engineers, doctors, and some business frats. Whereas social service and other professional categories would fall into the non-academic fraternity. Make sure to first research and know what kind of fraternity they belong to before you join as they might need to make you a fraternity member prior to allowing you to join their parties.  

Besides, a frat party is a whole new thing for someone who has been introverted all his life. You can get a chance to meet new people and make friends. 

6. A College Dorm party 

Now we have come up with the last party theme for today’s blog which is a college dorm party. Before you think of dressing up and imagining a great ballroom party with the name dorm party, we must tell you, you have never been to a party that has been organized in a closet-sized room. Yes, we are serious about it. These dorm room parties are low-pressure events and for limited guests and resources. Although it is a party where you can be friends with people of your choice as it is between a circle of friends, you will be remembered if you do anything silly if you go to a party where everyone is new to you. 

Enjoy your day 

Partying is to have fun and feel enjoyed by the activities you’re surrounded with. Make sure that you are safeguarded by your opinions as you can be thrown out if you drink so much and do silly things at a newly introduced party. 

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