Understanding Different Types of Towel warmers

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A towel warmer was manufactured as a substitute for the classic heater. This device is a bathroom heater with two functions; drying towels and heating the bathroom environment.

This article focuses on the several types of this appliance and their features and compares the different types to make users and potential buyers know what suits them.

Technology comes in handy with solving our daily problems, easing this complicated journey. One such solution is this unique tool with a multitude of perks. It is also designed to allow for the storage and arranging of bathroom linen.

Before we look at towel warmer price in Kenya, let us look at the several types of towel warmers and their features.

Wall Mounted Towel Warmer

In addition to warming duties, the ultra-large adds aesthetic features to your bathroom and boasts a modern freestanding design with smooth lines. Its large size makes it suitable for warming heavy clothing like robes, blankets, and towels.

It has a convenient booting system, the bucket-style warming device does not need any installation, and it has a 78-inch-long chord that is foldable into the base when you are not using it. It has four timer options and an auto-shut-off feature for your convenience.

Radiator Towel Warmer

This type gives priority to your floor space because it is hardwired directly into the wall, making it convenient for people living in tiny houses. It warms towels and robes and saves you the stress of plugging and unplugging the unit every time.

It has a rust-resistant stainless-steel rack which removes moisture from towels protecting them from musty smells.

Hydronic Towel Warmer

These work together with a closed-loop forced-hot-water heating system and only function when the central heating system is on. It is heated by circulating water from a boiler. They are often used as the primary heat source for a room.

The most noticeable feature of this unit is the rounded lines that make it stand out; here, you have four different sizes to choose from. It can fit on the wall and has a moisture-resistant finish.

Electric Towel Warmer

This type has square bars and a cordless look. It has room for a lot of linen courtesy of its six wide racks. The appliance has outstanding heat output, with overheat protection that automatically shuts off once temperatures are too high.

Bathroom Towel Warmer

This comes with mounting hardware to make your work easier during setting up. The unit comes with hidden screws for that perfect look. Unlike other wall-mounted alternatives, this one plugs in, so you have to have an outlet for the spot you want.

This towel warmer heats up pretty quickly and does not have an auto-shutoff, an important point to note,


A towel warmer provides solutions according to the user’s bathroom needs. The discussed above are some of their varying features to help consumers settle on the most appropriate one to solve their problems.