What Is Digital Marketing? (Learn it in 5 Minutes)

Are you interested in learning about digital marketing?

To begin, let us define what digital marketing is and what it is not before moving on to the fundamentals and even advanced methods of digital marketing.

As a result, we’ll all be on the same page before we go into the specifics of the methods.

What is Digital Marketing and how does it work?

It is the act of selling items and services using digital channels such as social media, search engine optimization, email, and mobile applications. In its most basic definition, digital marketing is any kind of marketing that makes use of electronic devices.

Digital Marketing Certification may be carried out both online and offline, and both types are necessary for a well-rounded digital marketing plan.

The Importance of Digital Marketing

Do you recall billboards? Yes, I do.

As a small child growing up in California, my experiences in the backseat of our family vehicle were mostly comprised of the following questions: “Mom, when are we getting there?” and “Where are we going?” And, everytime one of those 10-foot billboards appeared on the side of the road, we’d say something like, “Uh, look, McDonald’s, can we go?”

When I was growing up with Indian parents, the answer to both of those questions was almost always the same: “not yet.”

Occasionally, major companies would engage in a billboard battle, such as this one between Audi and BMW, which elicited a good deal of laughter:

In 2015, hundreds of millions of dollars were still spent on billboard advertising by a large number of my clients.

Unfortunately, or maybe luckily, billboard advertising is mostly extinct these days.

Consider this: Google and Facebook produce more income than any conventional media firm because they have a larger share of the market’s eyes than the latter. That is why digital marketing is important; it is where the people’s attention is focused.

The reason why billboards such as the ones seen above will be phased out is because of the future of driving.

Despite the fact that autonomous vehicles are currently on the road, drivers must still pay attention; in the future, as technology advances, no passenger will be need to look at the road at all.

Try this: the next time you are driving and giving a buddy a ride, look in the passenger seat for anything interesting.

Just just a moment, please.

Even right now, there’s a good possibility they’ll be staring at their phone.

Who is meant to notice those advertising if no one is looking at the road any longer?

Furthermore, the proportion of individuals who spend more time on electronic devices continues to climb, while the proportion of people who spend more time on print advertising continues to fall.

So, you don’t have much time to figure out this digital marketing stuff before you have to shut down your old school printing press and shutter the doors on your business.

Summary of Online and Digital Marketing

In the field of digital marketing, the two most important pillars are internet marketing and offline marketing. However, since I’ll be covering internet marketing in a separate book, I’ll merely describe the many aspects of online marketing here for the purpose of completeness and to avoid repetition.

Introduction to the World of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing may be divided into four broad categories: improved offline marketing, radio marketing, television marketing, and phone marketing, to name a few. Enhanced offline marketing is a kind of marketing that takes place totally offline but is made more effective by the use of technological devices. Sprintzeal is providing the Digital Marketing training on online.

Consider the following scenario: If your restaurant provides iPads for clients to use in order to place their orders, the offline experience of eating Thai cuisine is improved by the usage of this technological gadget.

People have been utilizing digital media to better their marketing for decades (you’ve merely forgotten how, as you’ll discover), and they’ve done it in a variety of ways.

On to radio marketing, which is the next step. Please remember Mr. Marconi the next time you hear an irritating, over-enthusiastic auto salesperson yells every word of his or her ad from the rooftops.

Of course, we cannot overlook the importance of television marketing. Television commercials have been on the air for more than 50 years (and since 1953 also in color, nationwide; yes, there was a time before color TV).

Finally, there is phone marketing, which is the largest and fastest-growing segment of offline marketing, but it has seen its fair share of flops, busts, and disasters.

Let’s take a closer look at each of the four sections.

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