What mistakes do beginners who bet for the first time make?

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After the office is selected, registration is completed, the player has mastered the basics of live sports betting, it’s time to start playing. Before starting to place bets, a player should have some sort of game strategy, be it worse than none at all.

In the world of betting, hundreds of different strategies have been developed that have become the property of the public, in addition, there are thousands of strategies developed by players “for themselves”, about which almost no one knows.

The best strategy that would allow the player to be in the plus at a long distance has not yet been invented. The main reason is that the existence of such a strategy is a priori impossible from a mathematical point of view.

At the expense of which you can beat the bookmaker

Summarizing the above, it becomes clear that from a purely mathematical point of view, it is impossible to beat a bookmaker. But then why are there so many “living” examples of successful players over a long distance?

  • The answer is simple. The bookmaker line is written by people who tend to make mistakes. The player’s job is to find these bugs and make money from them. These are false coefficients that the office may initially issue. 
  • As a rule, this happens at unpopular tournaments, championships, and matches where there is no such hype among bettors. If BC analysts more or less professionally monitor the most popular events, establishing a qualitative line, then such emphasis is not placed on the “second plan” events.
  • Therefore, an aspiring player, foremost, will develop this part of sports life. For example, the Albanian football championship or the French hockey championship. In such championships, the coefficients are often not set very accurately at first, after which they begin to be adjusted as bets are received. 

A player who is well-versed in the intricacies of unpopular championships can immediately see a “skew” in one direction or another, and make a bet on a deliberately favorable coefficient.

Betting on sports – how to start your way into online betting

Any beginner is interested in the most important question: is it possible to make money betting on sports? Some even wonder if it is possible to get rich on the ponds? In this article, we will give answers to these and other worrying questions.

It should be noted that a beginner bettor should understand the key concepts, the list of which we will indicate below in this article. It is indeed possible to win at sports betting, but for this it is important to have certain knowledge and set the right goals for yourself. Any professional made mistakes at the initial stages of his journey. We only learn when we make mistakes. But some of them can become a serious obstacle for the further career of a sports bettor. Therefore, we set ourselves the goal of protecting beginners from these mistakes.

Let’s start with what is called sports betting. These are bets between the player and the bookmaker. The first assesses the probability of this or that result, puts money on the fact that his prediction will turn out to be correct. If the player was right, he will receive his bet with a profit calculated using a special coefficient (discussed below). Otherwise, he will lose the funds placed during the bet.